Summer Loving: Thomas Sabo Jewellery to Brighten Your Mood

It’s been a dreary summer so far in Dublin, with the grey clouds and constant rain. But fret not darlings, I’ve a whole selection of sparkling jewellery to turn that frown upside down and add to your jewellery box.

It’s no secret that I adore Thomas Sabo jewellery, and their newest collections are ideal for adding colour and sparkle to your everyday. From necklaces and pendants to earrings and matching rings, their Summer Collection has it all. As well as bracelets and watches, Thomas Sabo also has a fabulous selection of sunglasses availabe for ladies and gents. Plus, the majority of their pieces are available in Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Plating.

If you can’t visit their stores due to the pandemic, their international online stores make Thomas Sabo very accesible wherever you are, and their delivery service is top notch too – ideal for surprise gifts for your loved ones!

Animals and Love Bugs

One theme Thomas Sabo is truly great for are their animal designs. From parrots snakes, tigers to cats, dragonflies and butterflies, you’re sure to find a cute little creature if not your spirit animal!

Royal Gemstones

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but gemstones are fit for the queens you are. Thomas Sabo definitely have gemstones down to a tee, with a variety of cuts, sizes and colours available throughout their collections. And if you’re looking to make a necklace extra special, why not choose your own gemstone beads or charms and add them to one of the Thomas Sabo chains!

Charm Club

The Thomas Sabo Charm Club is one of my favourite features of the brand. They have such a huge variety of charms, from astrology and zodiac star signs to alphabet letters and motifs that may speak to you. There are also special charms devoted to cities and countries. I already have an almost-full bracelet but you know there’s always another few charms I want! You can also create custom necklaces as I mentioned above.

Beads and Bracelets

Another gorgeous feature of Thomas Sabo jewellery is their range of bracelets. Not only do they offer dainty and gemstone-clad ones like above, but they also have their wide variety of beads which you can in turn use to customise your own bracelets. Many of their stone beads also have meanings behind them, that embody power, wisdom and luck; while others have tribal symbols like from the Maori and the Mayans.

Nirina xx

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