Wear A Face Mask. Wear LULEA by Chesneau.*

You may have noticed that no longer are people wearing the standard shop-bought face masks or coverings, but opting to wear more fashionable styles whilst still covering their nose and mouth responsibly. I too am doing this during this COVID-19 Pandemic, and really hope you love bugs are doing the same.

Protect your future. Wear a mask. Better yet, wear a LULEA by Chesneau mask!

Leading luxury Irish/Kenyan leather brand LULEA by Edmond Chesneau has released a beautiful, stylish and safe range of face masks that you can buy online from €10. The masks are made of triple-layered fabric to keep air droplets in as best they can while retaining a comfortable fit. Like many African designs, their patterns are colourful and reflect tradition. The LULEA masks feature a multitude of traditional, Kenyan patterns that are so varied that no two are exactly the same. Unique and practical? Yes please!

Staying safe and protecting myself and others is still very important to me during this pandemic. IT’S NOT OVER YET! Wearing a face mask helps protect us and prevents passing on traces of COVID-19, and in my books that’s a hella good thing.

Be sure you know how to wear a non-medical mask correctly!

Moving from Dublin, Ireland to Thika, Kenya, renowned Hermès-trained designer and leather maker Edmond Chesneau founded the LULEA factory to empower the community and train locals with skills crafting leather goods. Though their handbags are beloved by many including Lorraine Keane, the atelier has shifted focus to the COVID-19 pandemic and now creates masks that truly reflect Kenyan style and flair with practicality.

Unfortunately, the pandemic afftected work at the LULEA factory following the closure of retail outlets, but also when the Kenyan government banned the sale of any goods deemed to be considered PPE – so suddenly the masks could not be sold. And that’s where we step in. I am always happy to help support an Irish business and to help this Kenyan community. By purchasing one mask or more, you can help support the amazing work coming out of Thika.

The non-medical masks by LULEA are not only gorgeous but also machine washable too.

Each LULEA mask costs €10 // Pack of 3 masks cost €25 – buy yours now here!

Nirina xx

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Images © Nirina Plunkett, LULEA

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