All The Buzz – Best of Beauty Blog Challenge #4

Now I hardly ever do pamper nights, although I would like to more often. But when I do, I take the evening to myself, light a candle, play some music and give myself a mani-pedi, a face mask and if I’ve plenty of time, a hair mask too. If I’m really spoiling myself, then off to the spa I go, usually for a weekend trip to Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa, which I will also mention below. So with this week’s All The Buzz challenge theme of Pamper Products, let’s begin!


Pamper Products

  • Seventeen ‘Rock Hard Effect’, Nails Inc ‘Chelsea Embankment’ & Chanel ‘Le Vernis #475 Dragon’: A manicure & pedicure relax me so much, and I love to use these products for my favourite look. They’re all different from one another, different brands and textures but they actually look so good together! Seventeen’s polish is a rough, sand-like textured black polish; Nails Inc is a classic gold & glittery polish; and Chanel is an even more classic, red shade. I love to moisturize before I start my mani, and I always use a base and nail hardener before two coats of each.
  • Olive Oil: As discussed in Week 3 – Hair Heroes, I love an olive oil hair treatment. Massage the oil into your roots, scalp and tips of your hair and then wrap up in a warm (radiator-toasty) towel, and leave for at least 30mins. This little trick helps my hair & scalp toughen up against harder water, whilst naturally moisturizing my head and is also great for reviving dull hair. I tend to do this an hour or two before a wind-down hot shower or bath, and let the treatment do its magic while I watch telly with a cuppa.


I tend not to pamper myself with too many products it seems, but what I do love is a getaway to a spa for a day of relaxation, where the girls at the spa know exactly what to do. I love Dunboyne Castle Hotel’s Seoid Spa. It’s a bus drive away, in the quiet of County Meath, and the spa there is just fab! I would opt for their VOYA Full Body Massage, which uses massage oils of your choice, as well as their VOYA Facial Experience, a full facial massage that uses finely ground wet organic seaweed to help exfoliate and moisturize. I suggest you girls give yourself some me-time and book yourself in for a B&B at Dunboyne & Seoid!

Nirina xx

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