All The Buzz – Best of Beauty Blog Challenge #8

So sadly we’ve come to the last week in Samantha’s blog challenge, and this week’s theme is about my favourite beauty bloggers! Before I post the list of these gorgeous ladies, I’ve got to shout out to Sam and say a big thank you & congrats on the success of this challenge! All The Buzz really was all a buzz these past eight weeks, trending on Twitter, being all the talk Thursday evenings and helping loads of Irish & UK bloggers learn more tips and tricks and little beauty secrets. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges, from my constant chat about Yves Saint Laurent and Dunboyne Castle Hotel, and the somewhat fun pressure to get the posts written and perfected during my lunch breaks in work for Thursdays at 7pm! As I’m more a fashion blogger, these challenges were great fun and did challenge me! I’m very glad my usual & new readers have liked and more so, commented, on the posts! I love reading and replying to your comments, so always feel welcome to leave little notes on posts, I really love reading em! So I’ll leave you with my fav beauty bloggers as I’m off to book myself into the Seoid Spa, anyone wanna come with?


Best Beauty Bloggers

4 thoughts on “All The Buzz – Best of Beauty Blog Challenge #8

  1. It’s really sad this is over. It was great to have to meet on Thursdays and make some serious Tweet noises. It has made me keep track of all your posts week after week and I’ve enjoyed taking notes and keeping a huge wish list.


    • aw I’m very glad you’ve liked my posts! thanks a mill, means a lot! yeah it’s a pity alrighty, I’ll miss it! though if ya wanna take part in my monthly Wishlist, do!! #KillerFashionWL xx


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