All The Buzz – Best of Beauty Blog Challenge #2

My hair is one of my very favourite features about myself, but unfortunately it’s gone a little downhill in recent years. It’s much thinner than it used to be, but it’s been its natural colour now since I was 17! (Not for much longer though…shh!) But I still do my best to take care of it, love it and groom it as well as possible. Here are my hair heroes to keep it at its best.


Hair Heroes

  • L’Oréal Paris ‘Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal’: I use both the shampoo & conditioner from this range, and I love it! It lasts a long time and leaves my hair silky smooth afterwards, with slight shimmer throughout. I must admit I bought these after seeing the L’Oréal Paris ads for them, but I’m very glad I did! The pair are a tad pricey, though I do recommend them if you’re looking to put some sparkle into your step, that also moisturizes and creates a weightless feeling. I think I may try the 60 Second Saviour next! Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal is available to buy in most good supermarkets, Boots & selected pharmacies.
  • Non-Metal Elastic Bands: I swear by these! Once you buy these, you’ll never turn back, because there’s no metal in sight to snag on your hair that slides off any ponytail or bun without tangling. I’ve noticed that the stretchiness of these is much longer lasting than those with metal clasps, and they rarely snap/break. Non-Metal Elastic Bands are available in Boots, Claire’s Accessories and selected pharmacies.
  • Garnier ‘Fructis Hairspray Bamboo Flexihold Shine’: Whenever I do my hair somewhat fancy, I use this Garnier hairspray to keep everything in place. It’s a great spray because it holds for hours & hours, without leaving my hair tacky or hard. It has a strong pressure to it, so I advise to leave your window ajar whilst spraying, and always remember to cover your eyes, nose & mouth when applying. A trick I learnt from top hairstylists is to hairspray your brush and then brush your hair with it to get all the hairs in place. Fructis Hairspray Bamboo Flexihold Shine is available in Boots & Superdrug.
  • Olive Oil: When I lived in Munich, my hair & scalp suffered badly from the sudden hard water in Germany. Although I used special shampoos, nothing really did the trick, except olive oil! I bought a little mini bottle and would apply it to dry hair about an hour before my shower. Massage the oil into your roots, scalp and tips of your hair and then wrap up in a warm (radiator-toasty) towel, and leave for at least 30mins. This little trick helped my hair & scalp toughen up against the harder water, and is also great for reviving dull hair. I know there are many hair oils, hair masks etc. but I just haven’t tried these yet, but I do plan to! Olive oil is available in all supermarkets, though mini bottles can be found in Boots & Superdrug.

So they’re my hair heroes, but here are a couple of tips to help your hair stay healthy:

  • Try avoiding heated hair stylists such a GHD, hair curler and hairdryer. Though they make your hair look über fab, if you use these too often it can dry out & damage your hair. If you do want to have perfect curls or poker straight hair every day, remember to use heat protectant such as GHD ‘Heat Protect Spray’ (above) before using your heated stylists. An easy way to curl your hair without heated stylists is to put your hair in two mini buns after a shower and brush before bed, and the next morning: voila! Take them down, brush out gently and hairspray to keep in place.
  • Eating oily foods to feed your hair is also a great way to keep your hair glowing. Fish and nuts are best for these, and it gives you a great reason to cook up some tasty fishcakes or snack on nuts in the office.
  • Get your hair trimmed every 4 months. They say a little goes a long way, and they’d be right; getting your hair trimmed regularly helps fight nasty split ends and revives your hair overall. Plus a little pampering in the hairdressers really never goes amiss!
  • Always have bobby pins handy! In your handbag, make up bag, in the bathroom etc. I prefer the crinkled ones as they seem to stay in my hair much better, just try not losing them all (LOL you will lose them all!)

Nirina xx

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