Beauty Trends: Autumn/Winter 2014

Beyonce grammys slick wet look hair red lipstickWith the award ceremonies and fashion event parties happening lately, I have noticed quite the few beauty trends. I love that the fresh faced and barely there beauty look is very popular with many A-listers, encouraging a healthier take on wearing makeup. As well as these looks, red is still very big on well the red carpet with bold lipstick & matching nails and also the slicked wet look hairstyles. So, here are my beauty tips on how to achieve these looks for the Autumn/Winter season.

Fresh Faced

One of the biggest beauty trends I have noticed as of late is the fresh faced, dewy and barely there look. It seems to reflect quite a healthy turn for the beauty industry by showcasing our natural appearance more, or at least by not overdoing it with makeup. Remember how at the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2015 show, François Nars opted for zero makeup and just skincare products? Well it’s had quite the influence! As a blogger who doesn’t wear a full face of makeup daily (you’ve got to let your skin breathe ladies!), I am very much loving this fresh face beuaty trend. The trend was even a feature in this week’s #TRENDING show by my favourite Darren Kennedy! (Watch the episode here) So how exactly does one go about to create it?

  1. Always start with skincare, it’s ever so important. An exceptional moisturizer is also an important factor to a simplistic beauty look. I’m using Biotherm ‘Biopur Fluide Fondant Hydratant Matifiant’, and this bottle is my skin saviour. The tiniest amount is all I need to use for my whole face, and it hydrates, moisturizes and mattifies my skin within minutes. It’s an oil-free formula, which is great for this, because no one wants oily skin before applying makeup.
  2. Choosing a base for this dewy look is very important. You can start with a primer like L’Oréal Paris ‘Studio Secrets Primer’. So depending on your skin type (again a very important factor), choose one that covers any blemishes, while still allowing your skin to breathe. I recommend Yves Saint Laurent ‘Fusion Ink Foundation’, Tom Ford ‘Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF 15′ or Benefit ‘HelloFlawless’. Only use enough to evenly cover your face as you don’t want to “caking” yourself. Use a good stippling brush to blend well and be aware of the nose area where product tends to need extra blending.
  3. Onto highlighting next; and for this I always recommend YSL ‘Touche Éclat Highlighter Pen’, but L’Oréal Paris ‘Lumi Magique Concealer Pen’ is a great & more affordable alternative. Highlight your T-zone and nose bride, the under eye area and your chin then blend with a brush for an even look. Using a setting powder and a makeup sponge, pat & press to ensure the makeup stays on for longer.
  4. Use a subtle amount of blusher on the apples of your cheeks, working up to the hairline above your ears. YSL ‘Babydoll Kiss & Blush’ in #3 Rose Libre is a great 2-in-1 product, and adds that bit of colour to your cheeks without being too obvious, (but remember your skintone may differ to mine, so choose a shade that suits you). 
  5. Use a pale beige to set your eyeshadow, then work on a beige-brown tone over and up to the crease for that little bit of pop. Draw on a thin eyeliner from the middle to the outer corners of your eye, and avoid the inner area and lower waterline. Finally opt for your favourite small bristles mascara and a pinky nude lipstick to finish. Ta-dah!

Red Lipstick

The best way to keep your red lipstick staying red all night long is to start with the primping the lads. As for matching red nails, go for a shade that’s closest to your lipstick. If you’re heading out and want to wear a bold lipstick I recommend these few steps for the perfect pout & matching mani:

  1. After brushing your teeth, gently exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush with warm with.
  2. Once they’ve dried, use your favourite lip balm to moisten and protect your lips. I love to use Christian Dior ‘Lip Addict Glow’ for its smoothing texture & protective elements.
  3. Next, use a good lip liner that’s a similar colour to your lipstick (unless you want to create an ombré beauty look). Fill in your lips and outline them too, then blot together with either a blotting paper or cotton buds. This will help your makeup last longer.
  4. Red lipstick itself is one of the boldest colours to wear, and also my favourite. Like many women, it can make us feel sexy and powerful. After prepping using the above steps, apply your lipstick either directly onto your lips or using a lip brush and then onto your lips. The latter tends to give a better result, but I’ve spoken to top makeup artists and there’s really nothing wrong with using the lipstick itself. My favourite is Lancôme ‘L’Absolu Rouge’ in #150 Rouge Odyssée, which has great pigmentation and doesn’t dry out. For bold colours, do apply once, blot and then apply a second layer. Using a cotton bud, remove excess lipstick for that precise finish and voila!
  5. For the nails, begin with shaping your nails to your desired cut. Then use a good hand & nail moisturizer to protect the nails and surrounding skin. Next ensure you use a base coat, two coats of your polish choice and a top coat to finish for that shiny and strong hold. Matchy matchy always looks good when it comes to your lips & nails, just don’t overdo it by wearing a similar colour outfit!

Slick (Wet Look) Hair

The slicked back and slicked down hairstyle is extremely on trend, from the runway to the red carpet, and is also big here at home. What’s great about this look is that it’s rather low maintenance and can be achieved rather quickly. Follow these easy steps to achieve that runway-ready hairstyle:

Slicked Back

  1. Best achieved on Day 2 of washed hair, spritz some hair primer or warm water onto your hair around the crown.
  2. Using a fine comb, brush back the hair from your hairline then work through a generous amount of hair gel, I recommend KMS California HairStay Styling Gel lifting from root to tip to evenly distribute the gel and give it volume. Allow the gel to harden & dry slightly.
  3. While the hair is still damp, spritz with a sea salt spray like KMS California HairPlay Sea Salt Spray,  all over the rest of your hair while combing through.
  4. Finish the look with strong-holding hairspray like L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin, which is one of my favourites.

Slicked Down

  1. This look is very similar to the above look, but obviously a thinner looking style. Part your hair whichever way you prefer (to the side, even & centered etc.) and similarly spritz hair primer or water onto your hair to prep.
  2. Using a good quality hair gel, like the aforementioned KMS California gel, use it throughout and slick down using a soft boar/nylon bristles paddle brush and your hands to press down in place.
    • If you have pixie or short hair, neatly tuck your hair behind your ears and spritz all over with hairspray.
    • If you have long hair, brush & tie your hair into a neat low pony- or baubled tail, and finish with a generous amount of hairspray.

Images courtesy of Zimbio

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