All The Buzz – Best Of Beauty Blog Challenge #5

Ok so it’s Week 5 of Sam’s BOB Blog Challenge, and it’s princess product themed! But why only one product? I could name a couple of my favourite high-end designer beauty products that I’d like to discuss, but I guess I’ll just stick to the best product I have! Firstly though, apologies to my fellow beauty bloggers who were expecting this post yesterday evening. My week’s been hectic with appointments, work, meetings and my back aches, and sadly my mind totes slipped for this post! But a morning read is just as good, and it’s Friday! What better time to feel like a princess and spoil yourself a little?


Princess Product

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touché Éclat’: Now you might be getting sick of me blogging about YSL, but truth be told, I can’t recommend their products enough! Their pen is the best on the market, and it acts as so much more than just a highlighter:

  • Its main purpose is to highlight, so use it around the eyes and upper cheeks & cheekbones
  • It works great as an eyeshadow base/primer, cover the eyelid and dab out with your finger
  • Use it along your outer lip lines and cupid’s bow to enhance your lips naturally when wearing lipstick or coloured gloss
  • It doubles up as a concealer for blemishes or small spots
  • And you can work it into your contouring guide, again to highlight and “draw” out where you’re about to be contouring

And they’re just it’s uses! The Touché Éclat pen is a handy, compact size; you’ll only need a couple of clicks per use, depending on your purpose; it’s a shiny YSL gold so you can’t lose it in your bag; and there is a Limited Wild Edition 2014 with a leopard print pattern that is just perfect to stand out against the crowd!

Touché Éclat comes in a variety of shades to suit your skin tone, and at €35 it’s well worth your money. Buy your perfect shade or Limited Edition Wild 2014 in #1 online at Brown Thomas

Using Touché Éclat is all about creating light, natural reflections and illuminating your face. Lloyd Simmonds, the Creative Director for Makeup at YSL Beauté, shows us how easy it is to use the Touché Éclat on a daily basis to create light for a natural look. Also I’ve left you the YSL Touché Éclat video campaign featuring top ‘IT girl’ models Cara Delevingne & Jourdan Dunn, enjoy!

Tips for Fair to Medium Skins

Tips for Dark Skins


4 thoughts on “All The Buzz – Best Of Beauty Blog Challenge #5

  1. Don’t worry, I’m even later than you, my post has only just gone up! This is one products I always hear lots about, but never took much notice. Maybe it’s time I actually took notice and picked it up! You’ve certainly sold it well!


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