Seven Years On, Five Years Reflecting

Today marks a bittersweet day. Killer Fashion turns 7 YEARS OLD! What an amazing achievement that is, considering I write this blog as my hobby, my creative outlet and because I love to write, talk about fashion and recommend new products to try. Today also is my Mam’s 5 year anniversary of her death, dubbed the Haniversary by her best friend (and my second mammy!). I had said before I wouldn’t write another full post on how it affected me, so please do have a read of last year’s post below, and just pretend it all says and corresponds to “Seven Years On, Five Years Reflecting”.

Nirina xx

Killer Fashion

First and foremost, my blog turns SIX YEARS OLD!

6 birthdaya

Hello darlings, I hope you’ve all been well. You may be reading this, wondering why I’m speaking to you more directly than usual. Well, this April marks a whole other year for Killer Fashion and I. Yup, my blog has turned six years old this month and so much has happened in those years. April has been the busiest month this year; crammed with all of the events, all of the fashion & beauty invites, all of the lovely fans & followers and I am just so grateful. I can’t believe this little blog of mine, which I started in college to talk about shoes & jewellery, is now in its sixth year! I’m so appreciative for all of you readers, especially those fans & followers who’ve kept with me from the first day back in 2010. However, I feel like today and for…

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