Review: James Read Gradual Day Tan Body*

jamesFor the past few weeks it’s been sublime weather in Dublin and gosh does that make me happy! We’ve had blue skies and sunshine with 20-26°C, that’s put smiles on so many faces around the city. Tanned skins galore and beach bodies are what I always think of when it comes to summer, but what do you do when your legs don’t match your arms, or the rest of your body? James Read has the answer! As you may remember, I attended the James Read exclusive luncheon earlier this month and was introduced to the luxury brand, with its beautiful white & gold packaging. For the last three weeks I’ve been testing out the brand’s Gradual Day Tan Body, so read on for an honest review.

Product: James Read Gradual Day Tan Body

This product is from the Gradual Tan range by James Read, and as a Day Tan Body it promises to build up a light, sun-kissed colour when used daily. Use instead of moisturiser, as this is enriched with soothing & beautifying skincare ingredients including Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Co-Enzyme Q10 to leave your skin hydrated and moisturised. Not only does the Gradual Day Tan Body promise to deliver a gradual golden tan, it also ensures your tan lasts longer and fades away evenly due to the infusion of ingredients. It is a colourless formula that protects your clothing and bed linen, is fragrance free and suits all skin tones. Available at Callan & Co, Ballsbridge and online, €39.95

James Read Gradual Day Tan Body

James Read €39.95 – Gradual Day Tan Body

Verdict: James Read Gradual Day Tan Body – 4/5

To put it short: I’m very impressed! I’m still a bit shy about using fake tan and tanning products, being a naturally tanned person, but it’s hard to upkeep my natural colour when the sun doesn’t always shine. The Gradual Day Tan Body is perfect for those like me who are naturally tanned but want to even out their look, (my arms have always been darker than my legs!). To start I ensured my legs were nice and clean post-shave, and I used the St. Moriz Pro Advanced Formula Skin Primer Exfoliater* to prep before tanning. Once dry, I apply two pumps to the lower leg and blend using the James Read Tanning Mitt*, and then applied two pumps to the upper leg to blend in. The mitt still has some residue on it which I then used for my feet and bum. To upkeep the tan afterwards, I applied the St. Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Moisturising Tan Enhancer* and used that on a daily basis. I applied the Gradual Day Tan Body weekly and could really see results happening.

Now after three weeks of using James Read Tan, my legs finally match my arms! I feel strangely more confident when wearing dresses or short skirts and when being photographed at events! The colour of the tan truly builds up to a natural colour, and I’m happy with it as I only applied it once per week rather than daily. There is no smell after application and my legs did feel moisturised, though a teeny tiny bit sticky. That said, I never realised how an evened out skin tone can really make a difference. This tan is usable on the stomach and back too, so perhaps that’s my next step – evened out bikini body here I come! Killer Fashion recommends the Gradual Day Tan Body.

James Read Tan is available online and in-store at Callan & Co, Ballsbridge from €8.95

Nirina xx

Images © Nirina Plunkett, James Read

*Note: I did receive this product from PR companies, however this review & opinion are 100% my own.

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