150,000 Visitors!

Omigosh, I’ve actually surpassed 150,000+ Visitors on Killer Fashion!!!

I’m actually in awe, and in shock, and absolutely overjoyed! Yesterday morning I hit the 150K milestone on my little blog, and it’s all thanks to you! I really aim to write content y’all want to read about, so make sure to let me know of any suggestions or requests! A major thank you to all my new subscribers, fans & followers, those on FacebookTwitter, Instagram & Snapchat and my family & friends, and especially those who’ve been with me on this journey. I still can’t believe it’s been over FIVE YEARS since I started Killer Fashion, but only three years on WordPress when these stats began. So yeah, I’m a very happy bunny! Thanks to my top 10 visiting countries this past month: US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, Malaysia, Japan & Singapore!

Killer Fashion Nirina 150kNirina xx

Images © Nirina Plunkett

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