Bobbi Brown: Nude Glow Collection

The latest and brightest Bobbi Brown collection has landed, with actress Katie Holmes as their face of the Nude Glow Collection. It boasts shimmery pink, brown and silvery hues in a variety of nail polishes, eye shadow palettes, powders and lipsticks, that will help you glow all day & night as you say goodbye to winter and hello to spring. It’s even perfect timing for a pretty glow for Valentine’s Day! Bobbi Brown is available exclusively at Brown Thomas, online and in store, as well as available on Bobbi Brown’s eshop.

Eye Palette

Nude – this eye palette is light and great for creating soft luminosity, which includes two sparkly and two matte textures: Dove Grey Eye Shadow, a light grey; Ballet Pink Sparkle Eye Shadow, a soft pink; Cement Sparkle Eye Shadow, a cool beige; and Nude Eye Shadow, a warm nude.

Crystal – this palette is even lighter and more girly with its two pink and two pewter shades, all of which are shimmery shadows and works best on light skin tones: Porcelain Eye Shadow, a pale cream; Mica Sparkle Eye Shadow, a medium silver; Angel Pink Eye Shadow, a pale pink; and Opal Sparkle Eye Shadow, a pale silver.

Bronze – a darker selection of shades, this palette is indeed bronze and brown, with three shimmery panels and a single matte texture, which look great on all skin tones: Gold Bar Sparkle Eye Shadow, a beige gold; Amber Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, a warm copper bronze; Toast Eye Shadow, a toasted peach; and Rich Bronze Eye Shadow, a golden brown.

Lip Color

Shimmer Finish – this range of lipsticks is shimmery like its name with its light-reflecting pearls and it has a soft, luxurious buttery texture to help moisturize your lips along with a well-pigmented colour. Available in 12 shades, my favourites are: Ballerina, a mid tone pink; Ruby, a purple berry tone; and Beige Gold, a champagne gold.

Sheer Lip Color – this range is more subtle and has a high shine, shimmery texture, which is also an updated version of previously released sheer lipsticks. Available in three shades: Pink Flush, a medium tone pink; Pink Gold, a light shimmery gold; and Pink Rose, a blue toned pink.

Brightening Finishing Powder

Nude – this shimmery powder palette features nude and brown hues to help create an instantly illuminating and healthy-looking glow.

Bronze Glow – a brighter and more golden palette, this brightening powder is the perfect pick-me-up to waken up your look with its bronze hues.

Porcelain Pearl – a colourful powder that features pastel shades, that doubles up as a light eye shadow palette, whilst creating a bright & beautiful shimmer.

Nail Polish

Glitter Ballet Pink – a soft pale pink nail polish, this glittery shade is a perfect pink pastel for any girly girl. It features light-catching hues that create intense shimmer upon use.

Pale – a creamy nude polish with a glossy finish that’s complimentary on any skin tone, with any outfit, it’s the perfect go-to polish for instant elegance.

Shimmer Bronze – a dark and rich bronze shade, this nail polish has strong metallic shimmer to it in a mix of chocolatey bronze hues. Add an instant statement to your manicure by applying to only a couple or to all nails.

Images courtesy of Bobbi Brown & Brown Thomas

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