Interview with Tola Vintage

Tola Vintage is a vintage store in Dublin’s Temple Bar, owned by Aoife Graham & Ayuba Salaudeen. Tola Vintage offers a wide range of vintage clothing, accessories and even shoes at amazingly affordable prices and is one of Dublin’s newest vintage stores in the famous city centre district. Their official launch took place on Friday night, which Killer Fashion attended, and I was in for a treat: marbled balloons on the ceiling, homemade mojitos, hip-hop & old school tunes and of course, vintage fashion. What more could a girl ask for? Well how about an impromptu interview with Aoife!1390672_570034023062331_1767362323_n

Killer Fashion: What made you decide to open a vintage store, and when exactly did it happen?
Aoife: Ayuba & I have both been interested in owning our own shop for a long time. We love everything vintage and decided one day to start selling online. Luckily, everything was going really well and then we got the opportunity to open a shop in Temple Bar. We decided it was the best place to set up!

KF: Did you have your hearts set on setting up in Temple Bar from the start, even before?
Aoife: Well we thought Temple Bar was the perfect place for a vintage shop. We never thought we would be lucky enough to get the chance though.

KF: Do you feel any pressure from other vintage stores being in Temple Bar too?
Aoife: No, not really. We feel we offer a more current and on-trend type of vintage selection as well as classic vintage clothes. We like to think we are a little bit different to the other vintage shops.

KF: Tola Vintage is named after your son. Was using his name as the title the first name you thought of?
Aoife: The whole business really started to kick off when our son was born and we never really thought of a name before that, but because it was a family business we thought Tola was perfect to name the shop after. And he’s great!

KF: How did you start gathering stock for the store? Do you ever go abroad to find new stock?
Aoife: We started by buying stock individually online. But when we had to fill the shop up we had to buy from a wholesaler online. Yeah, we now travel to England to handpick pieces, to get the best stock from suppliers and we order from America too, because they do great crazy vintage clothes!

KF: Is there anything in Tola Vintage you don’t want to sell, from a certain era or trend?
Aoife: No, we are open to most eras and trends. Even though we do sell more 80s and 90s type of clothes, we can still appreciate cute 50s dresses, retro luggage, those kind of things.

KF: What is your favourite vintage look?
Aoife: I love the 80s! I love crazy printed shirts, they’re great, and jackets with huge shoulder pads. The bright colours and designs make the vintage clothes from the 80s so unique.

KF: Are there any fashion icons whose style you admire?
Aoife: Everyone from the 1980s! There’s no one person in particular but we do look at 80s and 90s films & TV shows to inspire us.

KF: You post lots of great photo sessions with your models. Who is in charge of styling, scene set up, photography etc.? And how did you find your models?
Aoife: All our models are customers! We like to get models that already wear vintage clothes, because they are great at styling themselves. Ayuba & I are both there on the day to direct how we want the photos to be taken and where to set the scene. We do them around Temple Bar and most of the time we take the photos ourselves.

KF: Where would you like to be in 5 years’ time with Tola Vintage?
Aoife: We would love a bigger shop to house even more amazing clothes, to be well known for the on-trend wearable vintage we supply and to be one of the best vintage boutiques on ASOS.

Make sure you like Tola Vintage on Facebook, follow them on Twitter & Instagram, and shop in the store Monday-Sunday (12-6pm Saturday-Wednesday; 12-7pm Thursday & Friday) or online at The ASOS Marketplace.

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