Bringing Back the 90s

The 90s are coming back, and they’re taking Irish fashion by storm. Chokers, platform sandals & Dr. Martens, mom jeans, crop tops and psychedelic prints are everywhere, at least in Dublin. As an original 90s baby, it’s slightly odd but also fun to see this era make it’s way back into the fashion world. And if you’re pro-flashback and want to nail the 90s & grunge look, then follow these simple Killer Fashion guidelines and you’ll be going the 90s true justice.

Take the Crop

When it comes to crop top wearing, almost everyone is doing it. So when it comes to channeling your grungy 90s look, opt for neon colours or solid black, mesh, lace or textured materials and rough hemming. Yayer has a good selection of crops at really affordable prices, and Irish-owned Tola Vintage also offers great vintage picks. For more high street choices, look to H&M, Bershka and of course River Island for more crops.

Bottoms Up

Denim is forever in-season, and the trends for this look are high-waisted & distressed shorts and the infamous ‘Mom’ jeans. Sitting snug on your waist and cutting off or rolled up just above the ankle, these types of jeans go with any of the above tops and more. Vintage finds at Tola Vintage & Urban Outfitters are great for such shorts and jeans, and Vero Moda & ASOS have a cute selection of dungarees to really bring you back.

Cool Cover-Ups

Regardless if the sun is currently out, Irish weather is ever so unpredictable. However the cover-ups of the 90s weren’t, with plaid shirts, psychedelic tie-dye and plenty of colours staying around for over 20 years! Pick and choose from any of the beauties that Yayer, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and ASOS have to offer.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Chokers are back. Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day but thanks to big designers (and maybe even loom bands!), the plastic choker necklace and its bracelet sisters are back into fashion. Other than jewellery, platform sandals and Dr. Martens boots are all the range for footwear, as well as backpacks and dark lips.

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