Personal Styling, Shopping Service & Advice

logo text4Killer Fashion now offers its readers, fans & friends to avail of the Personal Styling Service! Do you have an event to attend and need some tips on what to wear that LBD with? Have a special occasion and just can’t find the right look for it? Saw something on a friend that you just have to have but don’t know the brand or designer? Or just want a fresh wardrobe full of on-trend pieces without looking like everyone else? Well I will wave my wand and help you in every way possible, whatever your budget, size or style is.

Fill in the form below, with as much detail as possible of what you require, what you already have and anything else you feel is relevant to helping us find the perfect outfit for you. Remember, there are no limitations to style.

If you require Killer Fashion’s Personal Styling to come to you, at a small fee I will happily travel to meet with you, shop with you, style you and then have a cuppa! 

Let the magic happen!


“Thank you so much, I was so worried about what to wear for this wedding and you took it all away in less than 15 minutes with so many options that suited me, my style and my shape! Nirina, you’re really good at reading people and as a result I’ve ended up with an outfit that I feel comfortable in. The wedding is now something to look forward to rather than panic about!” – Jenna Malone Moorhouse, June 2014

“I’ll be the first to admit, like a lot of guys, I’m clueless when it comes to fashion especially for the big occasion. So I thought I’d call upon Nirina’s expertise when I had to attend a wedding recently. Straightaway she knew exactly how to point me in the right direction with fashion tips & tricks even I could grasp. If she can help me look good in wedding photographs, then Nirina really does know her fashion.” – Mathieu Norry, 98FM Presenter, February 2014

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