Killer Fashion – Farewell…For Now

Hello my darling readers! I hope you’re all keeping well, are safe, happy & healthy. The Killer Fashion Shop is still open…and the blog is in hibernation.

(Updated March 2023)

As with many of us, our bodies change and so may our fashion personality. Recently, I came to accept that I am no longer in my 20s or a Size 10 wearing little dresses and partying into the all hours at the bar or in the club. And that’s okay! I’m now in my 30s, a curvy Size 13 and I’m okay with that – and yes, that’s a size that isn’t ‘real’ but as I’m in between sizes most of the time, that’s how I look at it.

So in order to free up my wardrobe space, but also to lend a hand to the societal sustainability efforts, I’ve reopened my Killer Fashion Shop over on Depop! I’ve added lots of dresses, skirts and tops for all occasions, and will be adding more. Whether you’re looking for wedding guest looks, party outfits or everyday pieces, my Killer Fashion Shop is ready to help you revamp your wardrobe. Many of the pieces I’ve added are genuinely some of my favourites, so you just know they’ll be extra special when you wear them out! Some pieces are brand new and unworn, and many pieces have only been worn once or twice.

I sell nationwide with post & packaging from €3, with worldwide p&p from €5.

Killer Fashion Shop Nirina

And with that good news…comes not so good news: Killer Fashion, as a blog, is going into hibernation.

I started my blog in April 2010, almost 11 years ago and it’s taken me on quite the journey. It began as part of a college assignment, developed from being hosted via CuteNews and FTP servers, to restarting from scratch on WordPress to having hundreds & thousands of visitors, plus I’ve won a few awards and was nominated alongside big bloggers.

Not to forget all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way, including a handful of truly special friends.

But after eleven long years, many lengthy posts, hours of research, honest reviews and thousands of photos, days, months & years of social postings, so many lunchtime & after work events, weekend brunches and complimentary drinks…the time has come to say good day and goodnight.

Killer Fashion has always been about my passion for writing, from fashion, makeup and jewellery, to designer shows, celebrity red carpet reports and supporting Irish businesses & brands. But upkeeping my blog whilst working full time combined with all of my social life offline, the pandemic years and with the development of general life, it became clearer to me that Killer Fashion is just not on my priority list anymore. And that’s also okay! I’ve adored writing my blog posts, for those of you who still read them, but I’ve also accepted that written blogs are no longer popular.

The Killer Fashion Christmas Gift Guides are still very enjoyable to research and write up, and they seem to be most helpful and popular to you all. Therefore, I will not be posting any new blogs until the Christmas season, as this is where my focus will be from hereon. Come November, my blog will wake from its beauty sleep and shower you with a selection of posts to inspire you.

Cookie FM will be updated more regularly, as my love for all things food, movies, music and travel is more constant.

hols hibernation2

Thank you all for your support over the past eleven years.

Nirina xx

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Images © Nirina Plunkett

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