Christmas Gift Guide 2021: Gifts For Her

Today we’re continuing my festive Killer Fashion Gift Guide with a selection of Gifts For Her from Irish businesses and Irish brands, to support our Irish economy as much as I can and hope you will too. It’s great that this year the stores can stay open for all your Christmas shopping needs, and so ladies & gents – enjoy my annual helping hand to find perfect presents for your nearest & dearest.

From the love of your life to your mam, sisters or besties as well as the rest of the female family and friends, I’ve got ideas for everyone. Get clicking below for these great gifts, perfect for all the gorgeous girls in your life!.

Killer Fashion Christmas Gift Guide Gifts for Her

Please support Irish businesses when shopping for the festive season!
Supporting Irish Businesses
Just remember the delivery times may be delayed during COVID-19 restrictions. Check the bottom of this post to see my other Killer Fashion Gift Guides!

For Your Girlfriend/Wife/Partner

If it may seem that your significant other is tricky to buy for, then hopefully this list can be of help. When you have a special lady in your life and you want to treat her like a queen just as she deserves, the right gift may seem the most important on your shopping list. I want to make Christmas easier for you with special ideas, luxurious finds but also pieces that will make an impression and be memorable.

The Collective has a beautiful array of jewellery that are unique, with many Irish brands. Look to Virgo Boutique for fashion, Hawthorn Handmade Skincare, Kash Beauty and Nima Brush for makeup and beauty, whilst pieces from the iconic Weir & Sons and Brown Thomas also make for lovely presents. Vouchers and experiences are thoughtful gifts us ladies adore too – whether it’s a day spa, hair do or Afternoon Tea, and there are plenty of places to choose from.

For Your Mam

There’s no doubt that for many of us, our Mam is the real hero at Christmas. From her skills in the kitchen to decorating the house and all of the in-between skills she has rolled up those sleeves, Mam truly is the best. Helping to do things around the house will be muchly appreciated especially during the holidays. Be it making tea or pouring a glass of wine, clearing the table & doing the dishes, collecting & bringing back relatives, or helping with dinner. Any or all of these are excellent ways to show you love, cherish and appreciate your Mam – and maybe allow her to actually sit down & relax.

But before (or after) all of those helpful chores, here are a number of gorgeous gifts you could spoil her with. Similar to your other half, vouchers and experiences are lovely treats, as well as thoughtful lifestyle products from April and the Bear, Designist or Foxford and beautiful gifts from Irish brands Max Benjamin, Butterslip, The Burren Perfumery, Alyson Gray as well as Irish jewellers Weir & Sons whose collection of designer brands is vast.

For Your Sister & Bestie

Sisters and besties often go hand in hand, so if you’re lucky enough to have a big or small sister as well as your bestie gal pal, then I’m hoping these Christmas gift ideas tick the box. Jewellery, fashion and beauty are typically great presents – look to Kash Beauty and SOSU by Suzanne Jackson, The Style Market, Friday’s Edit and Ellagrace for excellent Irish brands. As for the little homewares and unique gifts, Irish businesses such as Bobi My Dear, Butterslip and Dubray Books have a range of ideas for all the girls, both young and old with a range of budgets too.

For Your Family & Friends

As for the rest of your female family, there are aunties, nieces, cousins and grandmothers to think of, as well as the girls, maybe even your boss or colleagues. Sometimes it’s easy enough to give the usual gifts, but if you want to think outside the box that little bit more, or really surprise them then take a look what I have for you. These also make great for Kris Kindle/Secret Santa gifts, with the variety of prices and styles.

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