Christmas Gift Guide 2020: 13 Perfect Presents for…Foodies

Christmas is coming, slowly but surely and the season of gift guides is in full swing on the blog this year! I do hope you’re finding the others lists helpful for the festive season as I continue the Killer Fashion Gift Guide with thirteen unique gifts for all the foodies in your life. All of these gifts are also from Irish businesses and Irish brands, as I want to support our Irish economy as much as I can and hope you will too.

Please help support Irish businesses when shopping for the festive season!

Just remember the delivery times may be delayed during COVID-19 restrictions. Check the bottom of this post to see my other Killer Fashion Gift Guides!

13 Perfect Presents for…Foodies

My previous Gift Guides (For Her and For Him) are a little more classic, where I try to tick the boxes of different personalities, ages, interests and budget. But this Gift Guide is specifically for the foodies, those who love to cook, mix up cocktails, watch all the baking or cooking shows and documentaries or just have gastronomy running through their veins. Because we definitely have at least one or more of those in our lives!

Be they quirky, classy, trendy or minimal, big or small – I have selected 13 perfect pressies from a number of Irish businesses just for you, and that special someone.

The Kitchen Whisk Salter Aquatronic Glass Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale, €32.95

Designist The Big Vegan Cheesemaking Kit, €32

Meadow & Byrne Le Creuset Round Casserole 24cm, €269 (more colours available)

April and the Bear Cheeseporn Cheese Board and Knives Set, €45

Dubray Books “Cook Well Eat Well” by Rory O’Connell, €25

Butlers Chocolate Cookbook and Chocolates Collection, €50

Foxford Colourful Creatures Children’s Apron, €12.99

Foxford Gentlemen’s Hardware Bartender Mixology Kit, €36

The Kitchen Whisk Wüsthof Gourmet 3pc Knife Set, €85.95

Picado Inferno Sauce, €3.50 each

Picado TorMex Tortilla Press Small 15cm, €35 Metal BBQ Condiment Set, €5.95

Asia Market 7″ Bamboo Steamer Base, €2.95 and Lid, €2.25 (sold seperately)

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