Christmas Wishlist 2020

Winter is here, and my oh my has it gotten cold! It sure has been a strange run up to Christmas with the many restrictions across the island of Ireland with no thanks to the infamous COVID-19. But as of today there are only 50 sleeps until Christmas Day! I say this and I always mean it: I never need anything under the tree. But for two special occasions of the year I allow myself to lust after certain pieces – and as with Christmas, it’s that time again!

This year I’m all about supporting Irish businesses and brands, therefore I’ve waved goodbye to my usual favourites, in the hope that any gifts I may receive are made in Ireland or come from a business on our beautiful Emerald Isle. There are so many wonderful pieces that I’ve found that make for a few little wishes this year. What’s on your wishlist?

Dear Santa, all I really want for Christmas this year is…

Killer Fashion Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist

  • Inner Island Booley Stony Large Hoops: This Irish brand is one I came across only recenetly, but already I’m a huge fan. I adore these earrings with their tiny beads that glisten in the sun; inspired by the stony beaches of Ireland.
  • Aran Sweater Market Super Soft Polo Neck Aran Sweater: Having visited the West of Ireland a few times on my staycations this summer, I’ve come to fall back in love with the Aran jumper. I found my Mam’s old Aran cardigan, which is still in tip top shape, but I wouldn’t mind another Irishmade Aran jumper and love the high neck style of this one.
  • April and the Bear Glitter Pillar Candles: I am such a big fan of candles – I really do adore them. And then when you add glitter to it? Well, you know I just want it a whole lot more! I love the designs of these candles, and they come in silver and gold!
  • Brown Thomas Spanx Motorbike Leggings: In the past few years I’ve donated many of my no-longer-worn clothes, and as I stopped wearing jeans and trousers a few years ago, this also included many pairs of coated jeans and leather leggings. But now…I wouldn’t mind that ONE pair sitting in my wardrobe ready for all the top-and-trouser looks for the few times I go out. And these Spanx ones are ideal!
  • Molloy’s Graham Norton Premium Irish Pink Gin: I’m not a massive fan of gin anymore, BUT I am a massive Graham Norton fan and having heard great things about his own brand of Irish gin I have been wanting to try it for some time. Pink gin, on ice, no tonic.
  • Foxford Filagree Duvet & Pillowcase Set: Forever loving homeware, Foxford have such a stunning bedlinen collection, and this Filagree style is the one that caught my eye. 400tc Sateen and minimalistic, is bréa liom é!
  • Benriner Mandoline Slicer Ivory: Not necessarily fashion-related, but I am an avid cook and have been lusting after a mandoline for quite some time now. All of my favourite chefs use them, plus they’re so handy for making homemade vegetable crisps! Available at The Kitchen Whisk.
  • Keanes Sterling Silver Flat Curb Chain: I have been lusting after a chunky curb chain necklace for a long time, before Connell made it cool. As I adore my Mama Be’s chain bracelet, I’d love a matching style necklace and hence have been looking for the perfect one. Usually found in the mens section, I do think they’re totally unisex.
  • Brown Thomas Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Liquid Colour Balm Night Rehab Lip Mask: With the colder months rolling in my lips often get dry and chapped, and I’ve found this YSL beauty (see what I did there!) has been the best at repairing any cracks.
  • The Burren Perfumery Lost Garden Rose Facial Serum 30ml: Although as ablogger I’m grateful for the many gifts and samples I’m sent, but that said I’ve ran out of facial oil/serum! While in Connemara this summer, I visited The Burren Perfumery, and I must say their skincare range is very impressive – this Rose Facial Serum is beautifil and idyllic for my skin type.
  • Skinfull Affairs Ella + Mila Oil Me Up Cuticle Oil: Since lockdown in March, I haven’t had the chance for my monthly Shellac manicure, and unfortunately my fingertips are suffering. Although I have most nailcare essentials, a good quality cuticle oil is one product I’m missing from my shelf and this 100% vegan-friendly oil is just perfect!

Nirina xx

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