Grab that Sunkissed Summer Glow with Clarins

Summer is here! Although I’m still hopeful and optimistic about going away or heading out with friends, I can practice my sunkissed summer glow look at home – thanks to Clarins. As with their suncare range, theirs are products I stand by and do recommend to others.

The brand new collection by Clarins takes inspiration from the Mediterranean with warm colours, blazing sun and heady fragrances as key influences. There are four specific products that each play a part in creating a beautiful sunkissed beauty look. There are new primers, a compact bronzer as well as dual eyes and lips products with multipurpose features too.

The Clarins SOS Primers (€31) family has been extended with the Rosy Gold Pearls (08) and Amber Glow (09) shades. When looking for that flawless finish after your usual skincare routine, and before makeup application, these primers are ideal. The former will give a rosy reflection, the latter is more sunkissed, and both will give 24-hour moisturisation due to its organic sea lily extract. Plus, it also contains the Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex, which protects against the harmful effects of everyday pollution. I’m already a huge fan of this range, I use the Green (04) and Lavendar (05) weekly, therefore I can already vouch for the latest additions.

From primer to bronzer, the new Clarins Bronzing Compact (€44) has a built-in trio of matte shades. You can use all three shades in combination for the ultimate sunkissed look, or separately to focus on different facial features. It enhances all skin tones with a natural healthy glow, whilst allowing every girl or guy to create a custom look. Not only that, but this bronzer also cares for your skin with its micropatch vegetal-enriched formula. It will fix moisture on your skin surface while preserving it from dehydration due to the aforementioned Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex. I love using this bronzer for creating that subtly scultpted glow – and this Limited Edition mosaic design also makes it uber gorge for any makeup bag!

Clarins love to create innovative products, and these next two products are exactly that. Firstly, the Clarins Twist To Glow Healthy Glow Powder (€29), which is a 2-in-1 eyes and cheek product. The little tube features a small grid on top, which “grates” and transforms the solid texture within into an ultra-fine powder. Available in three colours, Coral (01), Pink (02) and Mandarin (03), the Twist To Glow allows you to go for a subtle or strong eye or cheek look in only a few twists.

Secondly is the Clarins Lip Twist Duo Water Tint & Balm (€18), another 2-in-1 product but for your lips! Summers are synonymous with colour, so to achieve a colourful lip finish, Clarins have introduced a second innovative product. It features a felt tip on one end that gives a soft pigment, stained and matte lip finish in three colours; Red Sunset (01), Purple Ecsape (02) and Coral Sunrise (03). But on the other end, the Lip Twist Duo features a balm tip that enhances colour whilst adding sparkle and shine! Enriched with aloe vera, the soothing and moisturizing properties of this product mean your lip colour will last for even longer.

Nirina xx

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Images © Clarins Ireland

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