Birthday Wishlist 2020

Well, this is it. This year marks my 30th birthday!!! It’s been a strange countdown to my birthday due to the pandemic, and although I never need anything, I have had my eye on a few special pieces that I’m lusting after. I am entering a whole new decade of life after all! And so, my annual birthday wishlist is revealed. Because even an almost-30-year-old girl can dream! (PS: my birthday is on July 13th)

Birthday Wishlist

  • Thomas Sabo Rebel At Heart Pyramid Watch Silver/Black: I’ve been lusting after this particular watch for a while and nothing’s changed…I still love it! That raised pyramid design of the strap and around the bezel, with the black face is such a classy finish. Available at Thomas Sabo, Weir & Sons, Arnotts
  • Thomas Sabo Love Cuff Bangle: Yes I know…I love Thomas Sabo jewellery! But I often look for pieces that’ll last a lifetime and are complimentary no matter what I’m wearing. This bangle, which can also be engraved, is exactly that. Available at Thomas Sabo
  • Christian Louboutin Hot Chick 100mm in Red Patent: I know every year is a bit bold lusting after another pair of Loubies, but this hot chick needs the Hot Chick! Available online at Christian Louboutin
  • Saint Laurent Kate Monogram Tassel Clutch Bag: I have always been a fan of Saint Laurent and the YSL logo is a true classic. I find this sleek black and gold design with the tassel just beautiful, and though a clutch wouldn’t be my norm, I’d happily make it so with YSL. Available at Brown Thomas
  • Vanity Glare Portable Studio: In the last while I’ve come to realise how important it is to have a steady hand for taking photos. But what’s better than that would be one that’s hands-free and can clamp onto anything! Hence this Portable Studio that’s a two-in-one with the ringlight and phone holder combo. Taking photos with this for collaborations, makeup shots and more would be so much easier. Available online at VanityGlare
  • Victoria’s Secret Mesh Slouchy Pullover in Tie Dye and Seamless Lightly Lined Gym Racerback in Pink Thrill Ombre: With working out a bit more, my gym gear isn’t as wide a range as I’d like, especially when it comes to lightweight outerwear. I love the VS Pink collection for actiivewear, and this mesh style hoodie is ideal for my big walks, as I get warm very quickly but is also breathable material for throwing on after a gym or yoga session, whilst the sports bra is a necessity for this curvy girl. Available at Victoria’s Secret: Leggings // Sports Bra
  • HIIT Leggings in Raspberry with Stripe: As I mentioned, my gym gear needs a little expansion and I spotted these dark raspberry leggings that would add a pop of colour for my workouts. Available at ASOS

Nirina xx

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