Review: Sugaring Treatment at Skinfull Affairs*

Beauty treatments should always be an enjoyable experience during which you’re relaxed from start to finish. I’ve had many treatments over the years from body massages and facials to getting my hair or nails done, but I’ve not had body hair removal before…until now thanks to Skinfull Affairs!

Skinfull Affairs

When I was younger, my Mam taught me to love my body regardless, and that included hairs on my legs and underarms, because it’s natural to have this. That said, I was open to trying out shaving and waxing, my Mam even held my hand during my first self-pulled leg waxing – and then laughed about it as the wax strip took off my fresh Italian tan with it!

However, I’ve only ever shaved underarms, and have always been too scared to try other methods. After learning about what sugaring is and wanting smoother underarms, Grace from Skinfull Affairs invited me in to try the treatment so I bit the bullet and did just that.

Treatment: Sugaring (Underarms)

The main question to address is what is sugaring? This is an alternate to the more well known waxing, and to shaving too. The process uses a warm, melted down sugar, water and lemon combination, which is 100% natural, organic and vegan friendly, and contains zero harmful toxins, chemicals or resins. This is then used in a same way as traditional wax though the sugaring formula doesn’t leave sticky residue on the skin as other waxes can. The benefits of sugaring mean that your skin is gently exfoliated to help improve its texture and appearance after. It promises a near-pain-free experience, that can last up to 6 weeks, and if performed regularly, can lead to permanency.

Sugaring treatments at Skinfull Affairs range from €15-125, 40 minutes

Skinfull Affairs Sugaring

Verdict: Sugaring (Underarms) – 5/5

The first thing I’m going to say is sugaring was PAIN FREE! I was extremely impressed with how at ease I was, and also how quick the treatment was. Downstairs in Skinfull Affairs there is a lovely treatment that was set up with heavenly scents and soothing music at the ready.

I lay on my back on the table, where my therapist Karen asked me to relax my body, and especially my arms. She then brought one arm up around my head, exposing my underarms to begin the process with a pre-wax. Before the next step, she checked that the sugar wasn’t too hot against my skin, then proceeded to apply the sugar to my hairs. Using a soft textured tissue-like towel, she then waxed off the hairs. Karen continued this until all hairs were gone before moving onto my other underarm.

May I reiterate, this process was not sore. Perhaps my pain tolerance is higher than I realised, as I compared it to taking off a plaster! Karen used tweezers to get the tiny leftovers out, then applied a cooling after wax cream all over. I noticed instant smoothness without any stubble, which was always an issue when shaving. Redness after the treatment is natural and normal, so don’t worry if you see this.

I did ask about what to use and avoid after treatment, to which it is advised not to use deodorant over the next few hours, especially if it contains alcohol, however natural balm deos are okay. Once you’ve showered and gently washed you can again use your normal deodorant.

It’s now been 7 days and I’m still smooth, and there’s no pain or stinging when I apply deodorant (which is natural after the day of treatment), and most importantly: no growth! I was and still am very impressed with how comfortable and quick this sugaring treatment is, and can happily say that Killer Fashion recommends! Thank you to Skinfull Affairs for this treatment*.

Visit Skinfull Affairs at 34 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2 // Call 01 616 9933 or e-mail to book an appointment

Nirina xx


Images © Nirina Plunkett

*Note: I did receive this treatment free of charge, however this review & opinion are 100% my own.

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