Who to Follow: Top 5 Stylish Men of Instagram

It’s Week 2 in August, which means it’s time for another dose of well-dressed men! From those who influence others from Ireland and across the world, to those who are just pure class when it comes to getting dressed, there are many different styles to admire by men of many different ages and walks of life.

To me, stylish individuals don’t have to have thousands or millions of followers. For five weeks this month, August is going to be dedicated to those very stylish and dare I say, sexy men. Every week you’ll get a taste of my favourite five of Instagram, from Ireland and worldwide, because what better way is there to share the love!

1. Jonathan Zegbe / @jonthegold / Belgium

When I first came across blogger & photographer Jonathan Zegbe, it was because of a light blue suit he wore. He mixed prints & patterns, contrasted beautifully and genuinely stood out from the crowd. His style has evolved into eclectic streetwear meets formal casual, and I still love it. Especially that half-tucked shirt look.

2. Jaz Singh / @daluci.style / India & Australia

You may think that Jaz Singh’s style is just normal or average, and though it looks it, I find his casual cool looks very appealing, and rather…relaxing. He knows how to match pieces together perfectly, how to look effortless but chic, and he knows his angles! I also find that his style is very relatable.

3. Lawson Mpame / @lawsofstyle_ / Ireland

I have this thing for sartorial elegance. When I first met Lawson Mpame he had just won the Huawei Snapys Instagram Award for Best Fashion 2015, and we became friends pretty much that night! I am still mesmerized by the classy cuts of the suits he wears, his perfectly styled accessories and love for both high street and designer, as well as formal and casual.

4. Vincenzo Ragnacci/ @vincenzoragnacci / Italy

Italian man Vincenzo Ragnacci’s feed may seem boring to some viewers, but I rather like the repetitive style of his OTD (outfit of the day), and how easy he makes it for others to replicate and be inspired by said looks. His shoe & sneaker choices are also something to be admired.

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5. Diego León / @dandyinthebronx / America

Coming back to my love for good tailoring, blogger Daddy In The Bronx Diego León has this style down to a tee. From simple accessories to textures & patterns, pops of colour and immaculate style, there are many reasons why I recommend to follow his Instagram for inspiration.



Nirina xx


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