Review: PD Dental Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment*

When it comes to our beauty routine, it’s very important to note that this doesn’t just include makeup and skincare, but also dental health & hygiene. I’ve had braces twice before, and therefore am very adamant about up keeping healthy teeth. Smiling is key to being happy, and everyone wants to feel confident in theirs too, so always remember to brush your teeth at least thrice a day, especially after every meal. Last month I was invited to Dublin City Centre dental practice, PD Dental, for a treatment in kind, which included laser teeth whitening*. I had not yet experienced laser treatments, having only used at-home methods to keep my pearly whites white, therefore I was very intrigued and took the dentists on!

Treatment: Scale & Polish and Laser Teeth Whitening

The scale & polish steps took about 15 minutes, as my dentist Amar cleaned my teeth before the whitening process, removing my caffeine stains and giving them a shiny finish. For the laser teeth whitening steps, he applied the Beaming White EU Compliant Teeth Whitening Kit, first using the gel and injecting it atop my teeth then rubbing it in, and fitting the cheek retractors for protection. I then sat back for 15 minutes, while the laser machine hovered above. After the countdown, my dentist cleared off this first layer of gel, removed the cheek retractors and repeated these steps for another 15 minutes. Once the half an hour was over, I then rinsed thoroughly and the treatment was complete.

Scale & Polish treatment, €50 // Laser Teeth Whitening treatment, €150

Verdict: Scale & Polish and Laser Teeth Whitening – 3/5

The treatment took just under one hour with results visible straight away. I felt comfortable during each process, though I’ve never been nervous during dental appointments. I did have to ask about what food & drink to avoid, which included strong pigmented food, alcohol and coffee/tea for the next few hours. In the morning after, I did have another look at my teeth in the natural light and had noted that some of my teeth on the sides weren’t 100% whiter. I did also have a medium-strength cup of tea after this, but although my dentist said this would be fine, I should have listened to my gut as I felt the caffeine in tea took away from my whiteness even after brushing my teeth post-tea. Everyone’s teeth is different and the product will react differently on my teeth than it would on yours. Therefore this is more a reflection of the Beaming White product used at PD Dental, rather than the practice itself. Furthermore, my front teeth are still nice and clean, and the overall experience was enjoyable.

The dentist himself was quiet but informative enough and also good banter. He jokingly asked me whether I was “having fun?” as I’m wearing a massive mouthpiece, knowing I can’t speak, and even asked what my favourite music is, to which I replied “Rihanna”. He then played her song ‘Umbrella’, because I came in with mine due to that evening’s rain…! Legend. The staff at PD Dental are all friendly, working in a clean practice. What I will note for future appointments is that it does get a bit chilly in the room, and I found it a bit daunting that the room’s door stayed open the entire time too. Thank you to PD Dental for this treatment*.

Visit PD Dental Dublin at 64 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1 // Call 085 170 2819 or 01 8349697 or e-mail to book an appointment

Nirina xx

Images © Nirina Plunkett

*Note: I did receive this treatment free of charge, however this review & opinion are 100% my own.

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