Fitness Fashion for the Gym Bunny


Happy New Year to you all, and a big welcoming hello to 2017! Well, now that it’s January and the New Year, Christmas is officially over. We’re all back to the office, the workload is piling up and the invitations are flying in. And just like every other year after the Christmas binge, you might be feeling the effects of the festive season now that we’re back to reality – I know I sure am! Getting fit has become such a big thing in Ireland, three cheers for wanting to be more fit – over on Instagram the #IrishFitFam hashtag has garnered over 870,000 posts. So if you’re looking to sign up and get your gym on, join pilates or yoga, or just prefer to take it to the outdoors & run it off, then do check out these Killer Fashion top picks of the most fashionable fitness attire you can get from the high street stores as well as online stores to get you looking the part and boost your gym bunny confidence!


Pretty Little Thing


Ivy Park at Topshop

JD Sports

Nirina xx


Images © respective owners

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