Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For Him

Killer Fashion Christmas gifts for himOne thing you may learn about me this festive season, is that I love Christmas shopping and thinking up gift ideas. Since Killer Fashion is run by a female blogger and the majority of my readers & followers are female too, it always makes sense to post up the Gifts For Him early on! I always have a lot of the lads to shop for so I’m constantly on the look out for new, unique, fun and luxurious “man loot”. Whether it’s for your boyfriend or husband, your dad or brother, your mates or the male family, here are my top tips to help you find the perfect gift that’ll make you outshine Santa himself. But of course, feel free to mix & match from the sections below, because sometimes our man may love a bit of Nintendo NES as much as he may love a flashy new watch! Just remember the delivery times & delivery costs to Ireland if you do shop online, and get to it quick as items will sell out fast online! Happy shopping darlings! Check the bottom of this post to see the other Gift Guides!

For Your Boyfriend/Husband

When it comes to Christmas, us ladies love to spoil our #1 man, though we don’t always know what they might like. Depending on his personality, there are various gifts to suit him, so I’m hoping the below list will be ideal as well as help inspire you. I highly recommend the Fitbit Blaze, available in a few different colours & styles, that’s suitable for sporty guys, businessmen or tech lovers with its multi-functional smart watch features as well as prominently being a fitness tracker. Thomas Sabo also have a great range of mens’ watches & jewellery, the latter of which you can get engraved, available at Weir & Sons, who have a brilliant selection of special items at high prices too. So whether you want to hit the streets and in to the stores or if you prefer to relax on the couch and shop online, here are some great gifts I’ve uncovered just for you to treat himself, (oh you lucky ladies, you!).

For Your Dad

Dads can be both the easiest and hardest to shop for. On one hand, there are so many amazing ideas he may love, and on the other hand, he may already have it! But if you do your subtle research then Christmas shopping to give back to your beloved pops will be easy, and fun. Whether your dad is in his nostalgic stage, his “I’m still cool” phase or is the classic old dad, here are gift ideas to make him smile this year. If you love to really spoil your dad, then Magee 1866, Mr. Jenks and Louis Copeland are great spots that also help support Irish design.

For Your Brother & Best Friend

Big brothers, small brothers and your best mate. These guys are there for you and always deserve a little treat at this time of year, as most likely you’ll have gone through the ups & downs with them. The below of gift ideas incorporates a variety of personalities and interests, alongside fashionable and tech-savvy pieces, you should have no problems being inspired for their presents under the tree.

For Your Family & Friends

When it comes to Kris Kindle/Secret Santa, many of us do this with the extended family or our circle of friends. You might come from a small or big family, but you’re bound to have at least one of them. From your granddad and uncles to the cousins and nephews, as well as your male mates, they are all as important as the other so I’ve found the perfect presents for the rest of your clan. Designist, B Cool The Gadget Store and Urban Outfitters are great shops for finding unique pressies!

Christmas Gift Guides:

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  2. Gifts for Her
  3. Gifts for Him
  4. Merry Kissmas at Weir & Sons

Nirina xx

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