The Perfect Professional Blow-Dry from LanaiBLO

lanai-logoHair care is a very big thing for women, and men too, and it’s especially important to me. Getting your hair done professionally is always a lovely treat, but of course it can get expensive the more often you avail of the wash & blow-dry combination, so that’s where LanaiBLO comes in. This Irish brand was created by husband and wife team Barry Scallan & Katie-Jane Goldin, with a salon-approved and professional hair finish in mind for everyone, at home. Giving women the ability to create a stylish blow-dry in minutes in the comfort of your own home, LanaiBLO is making waves on the beauty market.

Hair is my life, I love it, always have and always will. With time now being my greatest challenge I have to adjust, this means that I have to be sure that the hair tools I use will perform for me and give me the best possible result in a short space of time. No more second attempts, no more 2 more minutes and it might look better, give me what I want, help me look good and let me go and conquer the rest of the day. Home life, Work life, Hair life. Keep it simple. – Katie-Jane Goldin

Say hello to the professional hair tool that gives a professional hairstyle every single time! The LanaiBLO hairdryer boasts an impressive power rating of 2400 Watts, that promises fast-drying technology, which is a serious plus for any ladies with long hair, and especially those with extensions, and with Ionic Technology, this hairdryer also provides anti static effect so no need to worry about frizz. In addition to this, it also contains Tourmaline crystal components that will help seal in moisture to counteract frizz as well. This feature also helps achieve a smooth and shiny finish. Due to its fast-drying elements, the days of spending ages to not only dry your hair but create the perfect blow-dry are over. As an added plus, the Cold Shot feature will also ensure you can lock in your hairstyle that you’ve just created by quickly cooling the temperature of the air and cooling down your hair to set it in place. All you need is a spritz of your favourite firm hold hairspray and you’re good to go!

The lightweight, long-corded hairdryer also features two different sized detachable narrow nozzles, allowing you to control both heat and air flow; and it features six speed & heat options that suits everyone including those who are more sensitive to heat. What’s more, the LanaiBLO hairdryer can also be personalized, making it perfect for Christmas gifts for that special someone. With three colours to choose from (black, white or pink), you can surprise someone with their name or a little message (max. 10 characters) along the side of the hairdryer.

Available from €99.99 online from LanaiBLO with free delivery nationwide!

Nirina xx

Images © Gary Ellard, LanaiBLO

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