400,000 Visitors!

Wooo! I’ve just hit 400,000+ Visitors on Killer Fashion!!! Thank you!

Ah, I’m delighted darlings! It’s been a little quiet with work but this week my little blog passed the 400,000 mark, and it’s all thanks to you! Another big number, and just 100k short of…half a million! As always, I’m very grateful to all of my new subscribers, fans & followers, those on FacebookTwitter, Instagram & Snapchat and my family & friends. I write blog posts and create content for you, because it is all of you that keep reading Killer Fashion – and that is most important to me.

Big thank you to my top 10 visiting countries this past month: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, France & Italy!


Nirina xx

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