Review: Rampley & Co Pocket Square*

Rampley & Co

As is apparent, Killer Fashion is a very big fan of the well-dressed man. And in Ireland, specifically in Dublin, it’s becoming a much bigger scene for the men to dress to their nines and really make great impressions. The fashion of the Irish lads is better than before and I’m sure you can agree, that some to thank for that would include Darren Kennedy & Conor McGregor, and also our growing menswear bloggers. So how does one simply add a bit of spice to their normal suit or weekend blazer, without going overboard? Well how about with a Rampley & Co pocket square!

Rampley & Co are a luxury men’s accessories company in London, hailing from one of the fashion capitals and the biggest influence for menswear in the world. Creating beautiful and extremely unusual pieces for the gentleman, Rampley & Co have worked alongside some of the biggest museums in the United Kingdom for their collections, printing pieces of art. The nine bespoke collections to date include; Historic Handkerchiefs Collection, Birds of America, National Gallery Collection, The Wallace Collection, Fine Art Collection, William Swainson, Scream Gallery, Harris Tweed, and Waterloo 200th. Each collection ranges from one to three pocket squares, all made of 100% pure silk, excluding the Harris Tweed collection which is made of Scottish Harris Tweed of course. With a limited edition print per pocket square, you’re bound to find yourself a unique piece. Rampley & Co also created a brilliant how-to guide, to give the lads a helping hand for when it comes to dressing up that little bit more dandy: 13 Essential Rules To Dressing Like A Gentleman. 

Rampley & Co is available from €52.40/£45, with Free Worldwide Delivery

Rampley and Co

Product: Jan Weenix, ‘Flowers on a Fountain with a Peacock’, Wallace Collection

Killer Fashion was delighted to have been sent a piece from the Wallace Collection, receiving the Jan Weenix, ‘Flowers on a Fountain with a Peacock’, 1700 – 1710. This stunning pocket square was delivered in a chic black matte box, with complimentary collar stays included and a little thank you note inside. Designed and printed in Britain, ‘Flowers on a Fountain with a Peacock’ is 42cm x 42cm in size and features a print of the 18th Century painting by Dutch painter Jan Weenix, that depicts a colourful scene of the peacock & monkey at the foot of a statue surrounding flowers and fruit with architecture ruins & a sunset cloudy background in the corner.

Verdict: Jan Weenix, ‘Flowers on a Fountain with a Peacock’, Wallace Collection – 5/5

I was extremely pleased with this product. It is exactly as described on the Rampley & Co website: made of 100% silk, which I could instantly tell, not only is it silky smooth but also it feels as luxurious as it looks. The colours are as vibrant in real life too, which is very important when purchasing a product with that amount of highlights & shadows online. The piece as a whole is really magnificent, I adore the border; peacock feathers and a double yellow line around the edges with quarter-circles on the corners. The attention to details of this pocket square are exquisite too, no matter which way one folds the pocket square, it will look different every time and still be outstanding. For this blog post, I’ve folded it into a Three Stairs Fold, which perfectly shows off the colours and print of ‘Flowers on a Fountain with a Peacock’. It compliments the grey blazer beautifully, and would contrast well with a black or navy blazer too, or really stand out worn with an olive-green or blue hue. If you’re going all out for your look, why not pair it with a velvet blazer, and opt for the Pouffe Fold.

Unfortunately ‘Flowers on a Fountain with a Peacock’ is currently unavailable, however other beautiful styles are still available.

Nirina xx

Model: Dónal O’Farrell

Images © Nirina Plunkett

*Note: I was paid for this post and did receive this product, however this review & opinion are 100% my own.

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