Review: Regenerate Enamel Science Toothpaste & Serum Kit*

RegenerateLast month I attended an exclusive and brilliant event for Regenerate Enamel Science to launch their product range in Ireland, at the Dean Dublin Hotel, Harcourt Street. It was such an informative evening, with scientific facts & figures, learning about healthy teeth, a healthier diet and a happier smile as guest speakers included Dr. Morgan O’Gara, Rosanna Davison and Dagmar Khan. We were treated to champagne & strawberries, nibbles and even a relaxing facial exercise. I really enjoyed myself, attending with my best friend Filomena of Enhance What’s Yours and met up with blogger friends, Gail of Glam ForceJessika of Chaos Wearing Lipgloss. At the event I was gifted with the advanced formula toothpaste as well as the enamel kit, which is today’s blog review. Dental health & hygiene is important to me and also should be to every beauty routine, hence why I will be writing on this topic today.

A big thank you to Jodie Kelly & Giulia Azzaro of Regenerate for the generous gifts, to Avila Lipsett of MKC Communications for the invite & wonderful event organisation, and to the Dean Dublin for the food & drinks!

Product: Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste & Boosting Serum Kit

This Advanced Toothpaste is a brand new type of toothpaste that not only helps keep your teeth pearly white, but helps rebuild natural enamel erosion. Hailing from skin- & healthcare giants Unilever, this creation by Regenerate Enamel Science boasts much more than your average luxury toothpaste. With its unique NR-5™ ingredients formula, it promises to supply enamel minerals to help rebuild enamel on your teeth, as this is a natural erosion that our bodies cannot rebuild themselves. These ingredients wrap and integrate onto the teeth and regenerate enamel mineral with exactly the same mineral tooth enamel is made of, working on early invisible stages of enamel erosion. Clinically proven, with regular use the toothpaste alone will restore enamel mineral content as well as micro hardness. The Boosting Serum Kit helps make more of a difference in the long-term, as it increases the effectiveness of the Advanced Toothpaste by 43%, maximizing the power of enamel regeneration, even in those interdental spaces that are harder to reach. The NR-5™ technology and the fluoride in its formulation, allow the Boosting Serum to provide focused protection for your teeth against the effects of enamel erosion and acid attacks. Available at Boots stores nationwide, from €13.99

Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste & Boosting Serum Kit Review

Regenerate Enamel Science from €13.99 – Advanced Toothpaste & Boosting Serum Kit

Verdict: Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste & Boosting Serum Kit – 4.5/5

I first began using the Advanced Toothpaste two weeks ago, and have noticed visible changes for the better. I do have thinner enamel on my two front teeth so I was very intrigued as to if these products work. Since starting on the toothpaste, my front teeth are definitely much whiter than last month, and my side teeth are also improving in whiteness. I drink a lot of black tea that contains caffeine, which I’m aware stains teeth, and using Regenerate in the past few weeks has helped regain the ideal colour. The Dr. O’Gara advised to floss more often and I have taken him up on it, and push myself to make it my evening routine.

This week I’ve started the Boosting Serum Kit, which is a three-consecutive days routine and contains NR-5 Serum, Activator Gel, two teeth moulds, a carry case & mixer. On its first use (May 16th), I instantly noticed my front teeth looking more coherent with the rest, which was very impressive! The process is rather funny and I highly recommend reading the instructions before attempting anything. The light blue mould is for the upper set, the clear mould for the lower; and I inserted each mould separately rather than together, which other whitening kits advise. From start to finish, the Serum Kit took about 10 minutes and when I took them out I really did notice a difference.

Overall I am very impressed with these products, and with the Regenerate Enamel Science brand. Though you may pay more than your average toothpaste or other whitening kits on the market, this is above average and shows true results, quickly! Killer Fashion definitely recommends!

Nirina xx

Images © Nirina Plunkett, Kieran Harnett

*Note: I did receive this product from PR companies, however this review & opinion are 100% my own.

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