I’ve updated the Curvylicious post, as it’s one of the hottest posts on the blog! Yay for the curvy girls!

Vivienne Westwood & Christina Hendricks

When it comes to women, we all love to look great, confident and sexy. At times it can be hard (post-Christmas anyone?), but that shouldn’t stop you from loving the skin you’re in. Today’s post I want to speak to my gorgeous curvy readers. Firstly, you’re beautiful. Don’t let anyone ever tell you any different!

I myself am not a flat-tummy, skinny-legged 6″ model. I’m a size 10/12, big-hips, small-waist, big-thighs, 5″4 curvy gal with boobs. Yes, I’ve said it, and it feels liberating because I love the body I have. Look at yourself and remember to always tell yourself you’re a gorgeous girl! Now this post isn’t just about telling curvy gals how fab they are, more so to guide them in a stylish way to accentuate their curves, accept their non-size 8 bodies and instill confidence through fashion…

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