Killer Fashion Talks Blogging at UCD

Killer Fashion UCD 6Yesterday afternoon, something awesome happened: I was one of the guest speakers for a blogging workshop at University College of Dublin! This was my second time to talk at a workshop, and no nerves where about – yay! As organized by Gráinne Loughran, editor of the college’s student newspaper, University Observerand in association with Blogger Conf by Emma O’Farrell, I was invited to join bloggers Gail O’Connor of Glam Force, David Corscadden of Beyond The Wild Garden, Alan Bennett & Jade Hayden of HeadStuff and one of my best friends Kassiani of Just Kassi to form a panel for a Q&A talk to a group of UCD students. (You may remember I gave my first talk at The Attractive Man Dublin last December on Men’s Fashion.)

This was a great opportunity for us as bloggers to give the students our knowledge & tips, of what we’ve learnt from our experiences and what advice we give for new bloggers and those interested in starting. The questions spanned all aspects of blogging; from how we started to how we got where we are now, naming your blog and which platforms to use, social media, monetizing and how to deal with online trolls.

I was extremely pleased to have been invited and to join my fellow bloggers on the panel. I answered my questions to the best of my abilities, and hope I gave a good insight into what it’s like to be the blogger behind Killer Fashion. As some of you may or may not know, I started blogging and creating websites when I was 10 years old. I self-taught myself HTML & coding, designed websites, graphics and was always a writer. (I even won an award for Creative Writing at said age 10 in an all-county competition!) 

I began Killer Fashion back in April 2010, but in October 2012 my whole blog was wiped because the host at the time closed shop and gave ZERO notice. I lost everything. I had back up posts from a few weeks back but nothing recent. So, I started Killer Fashion from scratch, again, this time on WordPress, and have loved this host since. (It’s actually my three-year blog birthday on WP this month!) But you know, it’s knock-downs like this that made me more determined to blog. Another point we talked about, was knowing your niche and the style of blogging you want for yourself. I consider myself a journalistic blogger, because the key to my posts is that I write. But there are many different type of bloggers, including personal style bloggers, reviewers, vloggers, travelers etc. We also discussed the difference between online and print journalism too, and what future there is for these two, and whether they’ll continue to co-exist or if the former will extinguish the latter.

I really enjoyed talking at the event, and hope the students and my fellow panelists did too! A big thank you to Gráinne Loughran and Emma O’Farrell of BloggerConf for the invite to speak! I’ll happily be back for more chats!

Nirina xx

Images © Nirina Plunkett, Just Kassi

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