Ultimate Healthy Summer Glow

Now that we’ve officially entered the autumnal season, it’s important to keep up the skincare regimes & healthy eating habits and to look after yourself in the colder months. In the words of the beautiful & intelligent Rosanna Davison, “Your diet is the best beauty secret you possess.” And though summer was only one week ago, how great would it be to keep up that summer glow into the next few weeks – well, here’s the Killer Fashion secret on how I maintain my ultimate healthy summer glow!


  • I always wash, cleanse and moisturize in the mornings & evenings. It’s very important to me to upkeep this routine, as my skin is very important. It’s also vital to use high quality products for these steps, and that doesn’t mean expensive ones but more so brands that know what they’re doing for you and that the products will truly benefit your skin.
  • For start my skincare regime for that healthy glow, I use Ziaja Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Cleansing Gel. One pump or less and my skin feels really clean! Ziaja’s range is very kind to skin, and this cleansing gel soothes irritations and skin redness, moisturises and softens the epidermis.
  • Next I use a face serum, the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum. This serum, as you know from my review, is a Killer Fashion favourite, and it’s a skin saviour that reduces fine lines and gives skin a radiant glow with its transcriptomics and proteomics elements. After using the serum, my skin feels refreshed and super smooth.
  • Then it’s time for my daily or nightly moisturiser. Now I currently use Olay Pro Vital Energising Day Cream & Regenerating Night Cream, though these have been since discontinued. The day cream leaves my skin soft & supple, and the night cream helps regenerate my skin while I sleep and when I wake up I have an instant glow. Who wouldn’t love that in the mornings! There are many day & night creams that work as good as these, just be sure to get a cream that isn’t too rich for your skin, and isn’t overly oily at night.
  • To round-up my morning routine for that continuous healthy glow, I use Flormar Illuminating Primer Make-Up Base. This primer gives a brilliant dewy finish and keeps my makeup in check all day, though most days I am sans makeup.

Killer Fashion Tip: using your three middle fingers, tap around your face and eye area throughout the day to wake up and get your blood flowing. It always makes for a healthy glow!

Killer Fashion Nirina


  • Drink plenty of water throughout your day. Yes it’s cliché but I swear it helps. I drink at least three pints of water a day, to keep hydrated and keep my skin fresh.
  • I swear by green tea in the evenings, especially Jasmine and Camomile teas. I don’t drink coffee nor fizzy drinks, which is great for clear complexions, and not only are green teas great for your insides, they do wonders for a good night’s sleep. And with my aforementioned serum & night cream combo, I always feel more energized in the morning following green tea drinking.
  • Some of my favourite super foods would include salmon, sweet potatoes, avocados, coconuts, spinach and beetroot. The great thing is that most of these foods work with one another for lunch & dinner, and their nutritional values are through the roof. And healthy food will always benefit a healthy glow, so really you can’t go wrong!
  • A square of dark chocolate a day is definitely okay, because dark chocolate has many more healthy nutritional values than we may know. It’s a powerful source of antioxidants, it can improve blood flow, (which is always good for a healthy glow), and protect against the sun due to the flavanols from cocoa. So if you’re on the hunt for a bar of dark chocolate during your next shop, ensure to buy high quality (organic) dark chocolate with 70% or higher cocoa content.

Killer Fashion Tip: to make the best of your summer glow, I recommend avoiding overly sugary foods like candy, fizzy drinks and general junk food. Takeaways are grand every few weeks, but if you’re a lover of takeaways then try to opt for healthier options like Thai food instead of Chinese, or Indian sauce-free dishes, and thin-crust pizzas or even better; make your own pizzas instead of indulging in Domino’s!

Killer Fashion Nirina

Check out Aloha for some seriously delicious and healthy recipes that will ensure you upkeep that healthy summer glow throughout the next few weeks!

Aloha recipes

Images © Nirina Plunkett, Aloha

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