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Style ClubFor the past few months I’ve been unhappy with the state of my hair, as both the texture and the ends were in desperate need of rescuing. A miracle was needed so on Friday evening after work, I headed to Style Club Hairdressing on South William Street, (my favourite street in Dublin!), after asking Facebook friends on recommendations – thanks to all those who replied! I had a mini consultation on Tuesday evening prior to the appointment with über cool stylist Hannah, who was also in charge of my colour & cut on the day. Style Club is a fabulous hair salon, full of colour and happiness, I truly adore the interior design of this place. It has an extremely funky but professional vibe to it, with large mirrors along the walls, clashing prints everywhere, multiple TVs and chandeliers in the foyer, as well as music playing throughout. Once I was seated at my station, I was offered tea, coffee or water, which is such a lovely gesture and I feel it always shows that the company are good people.

Hannah began my transformation with another wee chat about what exactly what we were doing with my hair, and I was very happy to still go ahead with everything. We decided upon full highlights with a high halo and a copper finish, after showing her a photo of Miley Cyrus at the Grammy Awards 2010. The application of the toner only took about five minutes to apply and 15 minutes to set, as Hannah noted my hair was brightening up really quickly. In the meantime I was offered another cuppa, which I gladly accepted – it even came with two ginger snaps, my favourite! I then moved on to wash my hair and apply the copper gloss colour. One of the other lovely ladies applied this to my hair, whilst I sat back in the massage chair reading my #GIRLBOSS book and being a social bunny on Snapchat (have you followed me yet? @NirinaXX). The massage chair is such a heavenly feature to Style Club’s services, a really lovely touch. The gloss colour took 20 minutes to set and then it was another wash & conditioning to finish that phase.

Next Hannah returned to give me my haircut, one which I’ve been needing for a long, long time. She cut off about four inches all over, and then more off around my face to give my hair more structure. Hannah used Kérastase Couture Lift Vertige before styling & blowdrying my hair, to give it some extra lift. She blowdried my hair into curls and set it with L’Oréal Elnett Hairspray to keep my curls in place for the rest of my evening. The whole transformation took just about two hours for the colour & cut, and cost less than €160. I was and still am absolutely chuffed with the results! The colour is beautiful, the new length is still long but most importantly, my hair looks and feels so much healthier. I am so happy, thank you! Ladies, I really recommend the Style Club, I had such a brilliant experience and honestly can’t stop smiling!

A huge thank you to Hannah & team for all their amazing work & hospitality. Visit the Style Club Hairdressing at 12 South William Street, Dublin 2 or call 01-4722444 to book an appointment

The Style Club also has a Nail Bar that offers an extensive range of gorgeous polishes, letting you play with your colour commitment on both your head and your hands. Carla Rodriguez is available Thursday, Friday & Saturday for manicures alone or, upon booking, while you’re getting your hair done! Click for more information

Style Club Price List

Style Club Price List

Images © Nirina Plunkett

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