Haute So Fabulous Birthday Party

Killer Fashion Haute So FabulousLast night I attended the Haute So Fabulous by Rebecca O’Byrne blog birthday bash held in The Bourbon Bar of The Odeon organized by the brilliant Emma & Fiona of Cool Events. Her blog turned a mighty two years old and with that always comes a party, which I attended with my lovely friend Mei Ling of Darling Buds of Mei​. It was a super cute & super fun event that really was haute so fabulous! I caught up with good friends like bloggers Timi Ogunyemi from I Am Timi & award-winning Picture This, Jessika from Chaos Wearing Lipgloss and comedian & DJ Marcus O’Laoire, as well as meeting some lovely Irish people; David Chapman from Dapper Dave Cash, illustrator & influencer Holly Shortall, award-winning blogger & influencer Sinéad Burke from Minnie Melange and model & gorgeous gal Madeline Mulqueen. Cupcakes, champagne, choons and chats, it was the perfect midweek event ahead of Killer Fashion’s GNO on Friday. Congratulations on all the fablosity of the blog Rebecca!

Check out my Facebook page for more photos! 

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