Review: Uriage Eau Thermale Aqua Précise Eye Contour Care*

As I mentioned, I’ve been testing out some beauty products for review purposes, and today’s review is Uriage Eau Thermale Aqua Précise Gel Défatigant Yeux Hydration Dynamique (Eye Contour Care). This is a new brand that I’m happy about trying out, which aims to provide skincare that’s rehydrating for normal, combination & sensitive skin thanks to its internationally renowned dermatological expertise, using water from the foothills of the Belledonne mountains, that boasts natural healing properties. Uriage products are available at Conefrey’s Pharmacy, 136 Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

Uriage Review


Product: Uriage Eau Thermale Aqua Précise Eye Contour Care

This is an eye contouring care gel, that aims to moisturize and relax the eye area. It’s an ultra refreshing eye gel, that’s white in colour and promises to remove signs of fatigue and smooths out the eyelid & eye contour areas, with lasting hydration finishes. If used twice daily, this product helps reduce puffiness and restores radiance for a brighter look. Available in Conefrey’s Pharmacy, 136 Pearse Street, at €22.50

AQUAPRÉCIS Gel Défatigant Yeux

Verdict: Uriage Eau Thermale Aqua Précise Eye Contour Care – 5/5

I was very curious about this eye contour care gel, but it really has delivered! I have naturally dark undereye circles, and since using this product twice daily (mornings & evenings), it’s visibly noticeable that the dark circles are fading. Hallelujah! The gel itself comes in a 15ml/0.5fl.oz tube, and you only have to use a petit pois amount of the product for one eye area. I apply it to my eyelids, under eye & contour areas with my fingers and then tap around the areas to wake up my blood cells. It also works great for using with makeup, as it smooths out the eye area resulting in an easier application for foundation, concealer & highlighter. And even after applying face makeup, the radiance & brightness of my eye area is visible. And because this product requires very little to use each time, it will last a good while. Seriously, happy days. Killer Fashion recommends!

Have you tried & tested this or other Uriage Eau Thermale products?

*Note: I did receive this product from sponsors, however this review & opinion are 100% my own.

Nirina xx



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