Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Well, February 14th is coming, and we all know what that means. Yep, Valentine’s Day is back again for its annual showering of gifts between loved ones. And just like last year, the stores are exploding with Valentine’s Day gift ideas and so here is the new Killer Fashion Valentine’s Day Wishlist. Now, even though I probably won’t have plans, (apart from sitting in a la Elle Woods in Legally Blonde), many of my lovely readers will have super fun plans and I’m always on-hand to give, well, a helping hand! In fact, I’ve got something special for all you ladies to spoil yourselves, your beloved mammies, your BFF and of course, your other-half. So get ready to fall in love with Killer Fashion’s picks and enjoy your day no matter what you’re up to!

Image courtesy of River Island

Image courtesy of River Island

Spoil Yourself

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing affection to your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, but also about loving yourself. So with that in mind, here are some of my favourite picks for V-Day 2015 that will make you smile, with love from you to you. Brown Thomas is perfect for all the special bits & pieces with their vast selections from beauty products to Christian Louboutin, whereas River Island, Glitz N Pieces and Oasis are all heading this corner with gorgeous dresses and jewellery.

For Your BFF

If you’re gonna spend this Valentine’s Day with your besties in watching movies and chatting about the ex or the boy you’re flirting with, then don’t forget to spoil them too. Butlers Chocolates and Ladurée (I recommend Rose Petal flavour) will definitely go down a treat, whereas some pink pieces from Lipsy and Topshop will make them smile. Just be sure they share the sweeties!

For Your Mammy

I’m always wishing that I could still gift my Mam with the little things she deserved, so why don’t you lovely ladies do it for me! Spoil your darling mumsie with some lovely rosé wine, Ladurée chocolates and roses, or this luxurious spring jacket & scarf from Reiss and Max Mara Studio respectively. And check out the Elizabeth Arden moisturiser too, which is a perfect little extra for all the mammies.

For Your Boyfriend/Husband

If you’re happily in love with your other half, then give him some special treats to remind him just how much you do love him. There are some great picks on the high street like in Topman, Urban Outfitters and River Island, as well as venturing into The Gadget Store for some cool tech gifts. If you’re after something special, head to Debenhams and pick up a nice watch from Firetrap and a men’s fragrance like Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men After Shave Lotion.

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