Edge Only by Jenny Huston – Card Suit

You know that I love supporting Irish designers on Killer Fashion, and last October I blogged about the Edge Only by Jenny Huston collections Rock & Roll and Geometric. Full of clean simple lines with edgy designs that boasts the brand’s slogan of “quality with attitude”, with all pieces are made from solid Sterling Silver, 14-Carat and 18-Carat Gold. Jenny Huston is best known for her work as a radio DJ for 2FM and also a music TV presenter for RTÉ, and now she’s ready to take on her newest adventure into the fashion industry. And now the Edge Only brand is back with its new collection, Card Suit. The collection pays tribute to a deck of cards, with its iconic symbols of the Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade present for both men & women.

The Card Suit Collection

The Card Suit Earrings are simplistic earrings made of Sterling Silver, that come in either Heart, Diamond, Club or Spade shapes. They look great if worn altogether on the ear, or mix & matching. Available at €79 each

Similar to the earrings, there are Card Suit Stacking Rings available. They are also made of Sterling Silver, and can be worn solo or altogether. A Star Stacking Ring is also available in this collection. I adore these rings and their simplicity. Available at €95 each

Click to view the full Edge Only Collections

Images courtesy of Edge Only

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