London Collections: Men – January 9th

Well Fashion Week has returned, and this weekend it’s all about menswear. You’ll have read the hype post for London Collections: Men, where LC:M Ambassador Tinie Tempah has his special bespoke suit made, as well as interviews with Sam Smith, Teo van den Broeke and Oliver Cheshire. And now it’s time to explore the actual fashion from the shows, which I will try to get up as soon as possible each day! Just like for the womenswear, I’ll post my favourite highlights of the shows.


Christopher Kane

Kicking things off for this year’s LC:M, designer Christopher Kane showed off his newest mens collection that boasted graphic embroidery, subtle graphic patterns in all shades of blue, black & grey.


As you know, I adore seeing Irish designers during Fashion Week, and the new MAN collection now headed by Irish-born Rory Parnell Mooney, was one to be excited about. With a nod to the modern punk, he showcased boxy, flowy styles with an Asian influence in dark shades of black & blue.

Christopher Shannon

The Christopher Shannon show was definitely an interesting one, with its references to Britain’s current state but also with its plastic bag headpieces that our own Rubber Bandits would support, no doubt. But the statement jumpers and well-designed trousers outweighed the basketball-like rip aways and oddly placed panels on shirts & jackets.

Topman Design

One of the big shows highly anticipated for, was the Topman show. It delivered mens fur & outerwear, denim influenced suits, race car driver one-pieces, high necklines and checkered patterns, with models strutting with a full head of hair that was extremely 1960s & ‘70s inspired. Quite the statement for 2015.

Kit Neale

The Kit Neale show was full of attitude, colour and bold streetwear-ready pieces. Patchwork and letter patterns were big motifs throughout the collection.

Todd Lynn

For this show, designer Todd Lynn took us through a selection of colour palettes, from black to white, lime green to dark blue, military green and back to charcoal grey. The pieces featured smartwear & outerwear, shaggy shearling and leather and knitwear. Some womenswear pieces were also included.


The Coach collection made its menswear debut and my what a debut it was. Big overcoats with fur & leather details, stylish footwear, well-cut trousers and shirts, jackets & sweatshirts with camouflage motifs. Every bit perfect!

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