Irish Bloggers Secret Santa: The Big Reveal

So this year I took part in the Irish Bloggers Secret Santa, as set up & organized by Aisling of Total Make Up AddictBig Christmas kudos to Aisling for organizing such a successful event, I really enjoyed it all! This was my second year being involved in the Secret Santa, in which loads of bloggers around the country joined in, with a straightforward and fun concept: pick out a present(s) for your secret blogger, spend up to €20, send it off by December 5th, don’t post or reveal who you are online and reveal all today, on December 21st! So I’ve sent my little packet off to Rachel of Oh Hey There Rachel blog, and I really hope she loved it! Funnily enough, Rachel was a panelist at the Irish Bloggers Conference last month, and I didn’t realize she was my chosen giftee until later that week! The packet from my Secret Santa arrived two weeks ago and I’ve been very good not opening it until today! And just like last year, I’ve made a video to show how all was revealed…

A Big Thanks to my Secret Santa: Mary Cate Smith of The Fashion Horn

  • Marks & Spencer – Limited Collection Lipstick in ‘Very Pink’: This is a candy pink lipstick that I cannot wait to start using.
  • Essence – Glitter Jewels Effect Nail Polish in ‘Glitz & Glam’: Definitely creating a theme, is this glittery pink & silver nail polish.
  • Sally Hansen – Miracle Gel Nail Polish in ‘Game of Chromes’: Opting for gorgeous luxury in a bottle, I’ve now also got a Sally Hansen gold shimmer polish, with a gel finish. Cannot wait to use it!
  • Max Factor – Lipgloss in ‘Radiant Rose’: The pink theme was evident with this lovely frosty pink lipgloss, that’s truly perfect for the winter season.
  • The Craft DIY Hair & Beauty by Lou Teasdale: My first ever beauty book! There are pages and pages of hair, makeup, nails, tanning and more beauty tips that I cannot wait to get stuck into!

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13 thoughts on “Irish Bloggers Secret Santa: The Big Reveal

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  2. Woohoo! Thanks hun, so glad you likey! I’ve been stalking you on Twitter etc so I knew you liked beauty and I also love make-up soooo much. I’m a fashion blogger aswell so I thought it would be cool to get you beauty themed pressie as neither of us are beauty bloggers. x


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