OPSH Presents Sex & The City Exposed

Carrie lied. It’s almost impossible to afford Manolos on a journalist’s salary in New York; not even the best apartments in Manhattan have wardrobe space that big (unless you’re a Kardashian) and no, it’s basically impossible to drink that many Cosmos and make it to work bang on time the next morning. Like most of our peers, our young perceptions of the world of work, career, sex and life in general were built from the words and actions of Carrie and Co: turns out they were wrong about (almost) everything. So we want to set the record straight. – OPSH

OPSH SATC EXPOSEDLast night I attended an event by online shopping website and Irish-owned OPSH, held in The Button Factory, Temple Bar. Their Sex & The City Exposed event promised chats about women in today’s society in terms of careers, fashion, men and dating and interlinked with the famous show’s fabulous four. There was a panel of gorgeous gals on hand too, each representing the show’s characters (well, sort of). The panel included OPSH co-found and host Jennie McGinnAisling Keenan as Carrie Bradshaw, Louise Dunne as Samantha Jones, Katie Tsouros as Charlotte York and Emma Trainor as Miranda Hobbes. Each of the four ladies have similar jobs to those in the show, though with much more realistic perspective and insights than the fictional characters we’ve loved over the years.

The panel discussed everything from how alike they are to their character counterparts to how they dress for work, whether or not they’ve experienced sexism in the workplace, what kind of men they have dated from the likes of SATC’s Mr. Big and Aidan Shaw, the ability to own as many shoes as Carrie has on a one-column journalist’s salary and dating life in Ireland; cue Louise Dunne and “The Tind”. It was an enjoyable evening of great insight into real women’s lives with similarities to the fictional show, but more so because each of the four panelists had relatable stories, jobs and aspirations. And then there was the fashion itself, which was just on-point! Having recently finished watching The Carrie Diaries and falling in love all over again with Carrie Bradshaw, this was an interesting way to throwback to the original show. The event also included a handful of Sex & The City clips, mini manicures and the chance to win a €250 voucher for OPSH for the best tweet, with thanks to Sure, who also provided each attendee with two deodorant gifts in a neat tote bag, printed with a classic Carrie Bradshaw quote! Many thanks to the McGinn sisters and the OPSH team for organizing a fun Thursday night in the city! I leave you with OPSH’s panelists interviews and photos from last night.

Aisling Keenan OPSH SATC Exposed Killer FashionAisling Keenan as Carrie Bradshaw

  • Occupation – Short answer: Journalist. Long answer: I am a journalist by day and a professional comfort eater by night. I’m a Beauty Editor, but I also write about sex and relationships. And I’m regularly on Spin 1038′s The Spin talk show as their relationships oracle. Oh, and I have a blog.
  • Favourite Sex & The City Episode – The Post-It Always Sticks Twice. We all know that one, the one where Berger breaks up with her by Post-It. “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.” GAH.
  • I’m most like Carrie when I… – Go out to eat too much with my best mates instead of saving money or doing actual productive things. Or when I sit down and tap away at my laptop for hours on end, all the while pondering the minds and motives of men.
  • I’m least like Carrie when I… – Get dressed. Unfortunately, while Carrie and I have similar lives in certain scenarios, she can style herself and I… can not. At all. I am the very definition of off-trend. Also, I’m going out with my Aidan equivalent. So there’s that, too.

Louise Dunne OPSH SATC Exposed Killer FashionLouise Dunne as Samantha Jones

  • Occupation – Co-Founder of Pucker, which connects customers with freelance beauty professionals. I’ve worked as a professional make-up artist with MAC Cosmetics in Ireland and the UK, while also building and managing an extremely successful career as a freelance make-up artist and as a lecturer in make-up artistry. I studied in Manchester and went on to teach over 500 students throughout my career, both as a MAC professional and also as a lecturer for LA College of Creative Arts, where I met my Business partner Niamh McHugh before we founded Pucker.
  • Favourite episode – The film, it encapsulates all five things I loved about the show – the girls and New York!!
  • I’m most like Samantha when I’m… – in pursuit of what I want….
  • I’m least like Samantha when I’m… – on a trip to Lourdes!

Katie Tsouros OPSH SATC Exposed Killer FashionKatie Tsouros as Charlotte York

  • Occupation – Curator / Art Dealer / Entrepreneur. Founder of Artfetch.com, a curated e-commerce platform for the best emerging artists from around the world.
  • Favourite Sex & The City Episode – Any of the ones where Big is in the picture and the fashion is fierce.
  • I’m most like Charlotte when I… – am starstruck by a famous artist in a gallery.
  • I’m least like Charlotte when I… – have to sand, fill and paint walls or lug paintings and catalogues around.

Emma Trainor OPSH SATC Exposed Killer FashionEmma Trainor as Miranda Hobbes

  • Occupation – Trainee Solicitor
  • Favourite Sex & The City Episode – There are so many brilliant ones involving the crazy antics of Samantha, but I suppose the final ever episode where Big comes to Paris and saves Carrie from Petrovsky. So romantic!
  • I’m most like Miranda when I… – am in work. I can relate to Miranda in the sense that it’s a very long road to become a solicitor and takes dedication and hard work, which Miranda has in abundance. I will be fully qualified next year and it will have taken 10 years (without a break)… so from that point of view, I feel like I am similar to Miranda in that it’s not an easy career path to undertake and you have to be fully committed to it! I also think that in this type of profession, you cannot be overly sensitive. Miranda is often dealing with tough situations in work when she has to stand up for herself and take criticism on the chin. From my perspective, I think that I am similar to her in that at the best of times, I try not to take criticism too personally.
  • I’m least like Miranda in… – my attitude towards romance. Although I can be VERY cynical at times like her, I don’t believe that I am quite as stone-hearted as her. I do think, though, that although Miranda comes across as a tough cookie on the outside, I think she has a very soft side as well. I also think that I do not have quite such black-and-white point of views as Miranda has.

Event photography © Nirina Plunkett

Source: OPSH

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