Darren Kennedy x Louis Copeland: Autumn/Winter 2014

When it comes to men’s fashion, Darren Kennedy is probably my absolute favourite icon. He is inspirational with his pristine style and well groomed look, and here he is for his third capsule collection with legendary Irish tailor Louis Copeland & Sons for the Autumn/Winter 2014 campaign. This collection features six suits and two covetable coats that reflect manly sophistication in traditional and fashion-forward Autumn/Winters colours. Like the previous two collections before, the pieces in this DK x LC are made with the finest fabrics for luxurious, soft and comfortable finishes and warmer materials that reflect Irish weather perfectly. The collection itself is titled ‘Adventurers and Inventors’, and gives each suit a unique name after famous Irish explorers in all different fields.

While we have an established customer base of all ages, our DK x LC collections have definitely drawn in a new customer to our stores. Already well known for our classic tailoring, working with Darren has enabled us to show Louis Copland customers that we also think outside of the creative box and we are thrilled the collections are such a huge hit with our valued clients.Louis Copeland

Adventurers and Inventors

  1. The Ferguson – Named after Irish engineer and inventor Harry Ferguson
  2. The Holland – Named after Irish engineer John Philip Holland, best know for developing the first submarine used by the U.S. Navy
  3. The George – Named after Irish physicist George Johnstone Stoney, credited with introducing the term ‘electron’
  4. The Brendan – Named after Brendan The Navigator, renowned for his legendary quest to Saint Brendan’s Island
  5. The Ernest – Named after Irish born Ernest Shakleton
  6. The Tom – Named after Tom Creen, Ireland’s best know explorer

Source: Help My Style

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