Milan Fashion Week – September 17th

Being able to keep up with Fashion Week happies me ever so much, and this morning Milan Fashion Week kicked off in the Italian fashion capital. Temperatures are still hot & sunny down in Southern Europe so these Spring 2015 RTW shows are too perfect for the timing. Here are the highlights from the first show, and I’ll be posting over the next couple of days whilst the fashion stays hot in Milan.


Chicca Lualdi

The fashion for the Chicca Lualdi show was every bit Italian as the designer. There was gold & bronze, chic geometrics, tailored cuts and simple styling. It was perfect in every fashionable way possible.

Angelos Bratis

Greek-born Angelos Bratis delivered a beautiful collection full of swishy, flirty dresses in an array of pastels & earthtones, colour blocking and prints, as well as oversized snake torc necklaces & colour blocking arm cuffs to accessorize. When closing the show, the designer held a simple sign with the message “Grazie Giorgio, x Angelos”, honoring legendary Giorgio Armani who hosted his show and as part of the Italian’s ongoing support scheme for new designers.

Byblos Milano

There is always a fun show to watch and that was the Byblos Milano show. Consisting of over 30 looks, the fashion featured architectural & Aztec-like prints in a variety of vibrant colours like orange, turquoise & pink, that showcased dresses, jackets, gilets and two-pieces. It was a seriously wonderful sight!

Stella Jean

The Stella Jean show was also a super fun & colourful addition to Milan Fashion Week. It opened with two sports jersey shirts, a style that’s rather trendy indeed, but was easily trumped with the explosive tropical & African-inspired prints, bright colours and voluminous presence from full skirts, kimono jackets and maxi dresses. The show also closed with all models switching into swimwear for the final walk.

Andrea Contri

Another great Italian collection, the Andrea Contri line up featured flirty playsuits, sophisticated jumpsuits, silk tricolour and sheer black pieces as well as goddess-like black & gold to close the show. Embellished knee-high & over-the-knee gladiator sandals were also a unique touch to the collection.


Fashion powerhouse Gucci also unveiled their Spring collection today. The show moved between different themes from the denim military to the Old Western and to Asian-inspired pieces. Button & embroidered jackets and denim were plentiful, as well as fur, suede, silks and abstract prints too.

I’m Isola Marras

This show was very coherent from open to close with stripes, dots, artistic embellishment and romantic floral prints. Antonio Marras, the collection’s designer, even added some French berets into the mix with the mostly monochrome, sky blue & pink selection. Some of the kooky designs featured the fashion brand’s dog, who was also carried out during the final walk.


Sporty luxe was extremely influential and evident in the Fay show. Streetwear meets chic Italian design was a recurring theme for this collection, with monochrome prints, graphics featuring Lucy from The Peanuts, oversized zips, shimmer & shine, metallic blue, pastels and cool trims of leather were featured within. I really enjoy how retro cool this whole collection feels.

Alberta Ferreti

Oh now this show was just beyond beautiful. Ethereal & romantic, it oozed with femininity and a fairy-like aura; consisting of lush nudes in light lace, floral appliqué, silk and denim-like textures, pastels of all kind and even fringed suede. And with almost 50 looks in the collection, it’ll leave you breathless from start to finish too.

Francesco Scognamiglio

This Sicilian designer proved that won’t doesn’t kill him only makes him stronger, as he delivered a flawless collection for his Spring 2015 show. With a vintage-influence, his show featured sheer blouses & dresses, neutral pastels, silk & lace, beautiful florals and ruffles, all that emphasized dark sexiness that’ll make women feel on top of the world. Where do I buy mine? Please & thank you!

Nicholas K

The Nicholas K show was every version of military cool; khaki, silk cargo pants, flowy parkas, headscarves and sunglasses. The models’ attitude was perfectly on-point for the show that spanned 40 looks with interesting details and accents from open to close.

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