Review: Tropical Popical

When it comes to manicures I usually do it myself, because doing my nails is a fun in-the-office task. But this past week has been rough & I’ve had a lot going on; and some me-time was very much needed. Following research for my next Dublin Fashion Festival blog post, I booked myself into Tropical Popical after many ladies recommended it.

Tropical PopicalThe nail salon is super cute, colourful and definitely tropical. The interior reflects the fun cities of America, where the owners discovered their love for the nail world, with neon signs, disco balls hanging from the ceiling, palm trees on the walls & in pots, flamingo artwork and colourful furniture. Playing remixes of old & new hits, and a wife variety of nail polish colours to choose from, this nail salon caters to everything I love.

Treatment: Midi Mani

I opted for the Midi Mani, a luxurious manicure that includes a hand scrub, massage and of course manicure creation. I chose two colours, Ciaté in Baby Doll soft pink & Kiko Cosmetics in Dark Flamingo Pink, with which my nail technician Kate Curley suggested a leopard print design on the ring fingernails. I loved the idea for the start, because it’s something special than my usual one colour mani. Kate started by filing my nails, then dipping each hand into a scented water solution, pushing down my cuticles and clipping away any unwanted bits, then onto the hand scrub which was mulberry & pomegranate scented and after a raspberry scented hand moisturizer with which she massaged my hand, wrists & fingers. Next was the base coat, which had a nice pink tint to it, then two coats of my chosen nail polishes. Kate did each ring finger in the Ciaté light pink polish to contrast the rest of my nails, then created the leopard print design using the Kiko polish and a black nail art pen. She finished with two top coats and left them to dry for 15 minutes.

Verdict for Midi Mani – 5/5

I am beyond happy with the results! The top coats really help the nails shine & hopefully protect them from daily happenings in the office and at home. The colours work so well together but the real star is the leopard print design. They’re cute, girly and definitely fierce (Tyra would definitely approve!) Thank you so much to Kate, she did a fantastic job and really cheered me up. Ladies, I absolutely recommend Tropical Popical, €25 may seem like a lot but with end results and over one hours work, it’s oh-so worth it!

Visit Tropical Popical at 28 South William Street, Dublin 2, email or call 01-675 35 69 to book an appointment

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