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Picture This is more than “just pictures”; it’s a website dedicated to showing us the hidden gems, nooks and crannies of Dublin from shops to cafés, restaurants and tourist stops. Picture This, founded by my good friend Timi Ogunyemi, is all about getting to really know your city, and encourage you to shop local, meet your barista, become a regular, step outside of your comfort zone, look around and above you…there’s so much you might have missed! The team behind Picture This are as exciting, fun and outgoing as it gets, and launched their Discover Loyalty card only recently, giving card-holders access to discounts in many of the local shops around Dublin City. The card also gets you invites to Picture This events, like kayaking, special movie screenings, days out, exhibitions and much more! Keep your eyes and ears peeled because Picture This will be telling you where, when and how you can get your hands on one of these Discover Loyalty cards over the next few weeks. To help promote Dublin stores & businesses, they have been busy bees on their social networks spreading the word (so get following for details!), and so now it’s time for Killer Fashion and all its readers to get in on it too! Get to know Dublin by getting to know Dubliners. It’s a big city but a small community, and we want you to join us!

Use the hashtag #EnjoyYourCity online to get in on the conversations, and follow Picture This across Twitter, Instagram & Facebook!

Images courtesy of Picture This

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