Interview with Love Accessories

Love Accessories is an Irish online boutique offering unique & trendy jewellery and other accessories. Founder Ambyr Medford has a fetish for sparkly, shiny and stacked accessories and created her online boutique to help Irish and international women with their jewellery desires, while providing quality pieces at affordable prices. The slogan, “Costume Jewellery and Accessories for the Fashionista”, really speaks to all fashion lovers, and especially bloggers. Killer Fashion sat down with Ambyr for an interview into the background of the brand and to find out that little bit more about the lady behind it all. Love Accessories

Killer Fashion: What made you decide to open an online boutique, and when exactly did it happen?
Ambyr: I’ve always had a huge passion for jewellery & accessories and when the idea came to mind for Love Accessories it seemed perfect for me, and I wondered how I had never thought about it before then! I started selling through Facebook in April 2013 after toying with the idea for a couple of months. So pretty much within the first month I set myself the goal of having my own website within that year. I kept to my promise and the website launched in March 2014. I enjoyed selling through Facebook and absolutely loved the interaction with customers, but it just seemed a natural step to progress to a website as it is much easier to view the stock and shop from. I still use Facebook a lot; however I direct customers to the website to make their purchase.

KF: Who designs the pieces that are sold on Love Accessories, and how do you find new styles to sell?
Ambyr: I source my stock from suppliers all over the world, so the designs are already in place. However, since you mention it, one of my mid-term goals is to design my own range – handbags, neckpieces and scarves. I would really love to do that. I’m on the Internet constantly checking with my current suppliers and also new labels for new styles, keeping my eye also on what’s in the magazines and on the street.

KF: Do you feel any pressure from other online jewellery boutiques based in Ireland?
Ambyr: I definitely have to keep my eye on them! I wouldn’t say I feel pressure from them but it does motivate me when I know there is competition out there and I think that is good for me.

KF: Statement necklaces are a huge trend at the moment, would they be your best sellers?
Ambyr: Absolutely! My necklaces are by far my biggest sellers, especially the statement ones. I love the way you can wear a t-shirt and jeans, and then throw on a wow–factor piece and a simple look just comes to life.

KF: What is your favourite item on Love Accessories at the moment, and how would you style it?
Ambyr: Ooh just one item…that’s hard so I’ll have to pick two! I’m absolutely in love with our range of body jewellery but specifically the Gold Colour Body Chain and Hand Chain. Currently I’m styling these with a lace back bodysuit from Berschka and skinny jeans. However I will be packing these for my trip to Ibiza and will be wearing both items with my bikini at the beach with a kimono to cover-up and also over a neon dress to hit the clubs in.

KF: How would you describe your own fashion style?
Ambyr: I always find it hard to answer this question as I feel my style changes depending on the day. Sometimes I like a classic look, other days rock chick, and another day I’ll be boho chic. This reflects my jewellery and accessories too. So to be honest I don’t think I can pinpoint my own fashion style but I like to experiment with all styles.

KF: Are there any fashion icons whose style you admire?
Ambyr: Olivia Palermo, definitely for the accessories. She has a serious accessories collection and I love that she is not too matchy-matchy with her handbags, shoes and jewellery. She is also a big fan of Zara, as I am too (Killer Fashion too!). As for clothing, I’m loving Beyoncé at the moment. She is more edgy than she used to be and like me she is a big fan of prints. The girls on the street are also my fashion icons. I love checking out the street style when I hit the Dublin shops. It’s my favourite part of the day!

KF: Favourite high-street accessories brand?
Ambyr: Penneys, Penneys, Penneys, all the way!!! For the prices, the quality is great. I do feel guilty wearing other brands though so it’s very rare that you will find me in anything other than Love Accessories.

KF: Favourite designer accessories brand?
Ambyr: Truthfully, I’m a high street girl through and through but I wouldn’t say no to a Chanel pearl neckpiece. Oh and maybe one of their bags too!

KF: What has been the highlight of Love Accessories in the past few months?
Ambyr: The website by far. If you had told me 2 years ago that I would have a website, I’d have laughed at you. In the last few months I’ve also been doing more networking and am enjoying meeting people in the fashion industry such as yourself!

KF: Where would you like to be in 5 years’ time with Love Accessories?
Ambyr: I’d love to be on par with other well-known brands such as ASOS. Every girl would know about and have a piece from Love Accessories. That would be my dream. But most importantly I want to have the same passion in 5 years that I do now and still enjoy what I do.


Make sure you like Love Accessories on Facebook, follow them on Twitter & Instagram, and shop online at the boutique.


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