Let’s Talk Blog Challenge #4 – Survival Guide for First Dates

Hello to everyone taking part in Sarah of At The Beauty Desk’s “Let’s Talk Blog Challenge”! It’s Week 4 now, which is the Survival Guide week and I have opted for the first option Sarah gave us, which is the First Date Survival Guide, (the choices were A First Date Survival Guide, A Wedding Day Survival Guide, A Night Out Survival Guide or A Festival Survival Guide). Now, I’ve chosen this because I am a currently single lady and am doing my best at first dates and experiencing this newfound single life. It’s a toughie; I still get nervous, it can still be awkward and sometimes daunting. But one thing I can rely on is a good outfit and some great beauty products to help boost my confidence on a first date. So if any of my lovely ladies are in the same boat as I am, then follow this little guide for a booster and own the night no matter what it brings!

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Survival Guide for First Dates

  • The Heels: I’m a firm believer in wearing heels for any occasion that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the telly or doing sports, ad a first date is the perfect time to wear heels. Not only do heels make you taller, but they also make your legs appear longer, toned and even make your bum look great! Take your pick of wedges or high heels and walk tall with ease.
  • The Outfit: Depending on what the date will involve, dress comfortably and appropriately for the day/evening. I recommend the jeans & top ensemble, a midi skirt & top look or a figure-hugging dress. Of course it all depends on your style, but I love to wear clothes that show off my shape, so a peplum top and tight jeans are a perfect go-to look, but a bodycon dress or skirt can work wonders too.
  • The Bold Lipstick: As you may have noticed I’m a big fan of bold lipstick, my favourites being red or pink. And I feel that on a first date it’s important to feel sexy and confident, and that’s exactly what a bold lipstick does for me. I’ve also mentioned this in my Staple Pieces post.
  • The Make Up: In terms of wearing makeup, I prefer to wear a dewy look with mascara, subtle eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow to focus on the eyes and lips. A lot of the time I’ve heard that guys don’t care for the full face of makeup, but then again, it’s not all about them. Killer Fashion’s make up regime always does tend to be “less is more” though, but choose what makes you comfortable & feel confident.
  • The Music: Listening to calming music on the way to your first date helps a lot. I feel it can help clear any bad thoughts you may have, and slow down your racing heartbeat & nervousness. Ballad-wise I love True by Solange, Bangerz by Miley Cyrus and Ciara by Ciara albums for the journey to the bar, but if you’re up for upbeat tracks then play Unapologetic by Rihanna, Living For the Weekend by The Saturdays, A Million Lights by Cheryl and Beyoncé by Beyoncé.

What’s also handy to have in your bag for any first date too are mints, lip balm, emergency money and condoms (you might just get lucky – but only if YOU want to!). Remember to drink sensibly and be in control of the situation, and of course, have a good time!

Nirina xx

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Blog Challenge #4 – Survival Guide for First Dates

  1. Great post hun, definitely agree on the outfit,heels and lippie points, so important to be confident and just be yourself on a first date. Listening to music before hand is a great tip, it can help relax and calm you, ready for the night. Love your little tips at the end, great advice.


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