Review: Dancing Dolls UK*

Dancing Dolls is an independent designer boutique label, created by dancer-turned-designer Paulinah Nkechinyere Eboh-Sampson. This British-Nigerian dance enthusiast started out in the performing arts industry before following her fashion designing skills, with which she’s founded her own label & company. Since its launch in 2009, when Dancing Dolls was mainly an underground brand that solely designed for dancewear, Paulinah and her team have created seven unique collections, each with its own theme. Founder Paulinah contacted Killer Fashion to review a product of my choice from the Body Language Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Naturally I accepted!


Dancing Dolls clothing where the back is the new cleavage and statements swimsuits rule- is home to a range of handmade garments. It fuses the feisty, empowering relationship between dancer and dance form along with creative fashion ideas to produce exclusive casual evening wear, as well unique swimwear.

Product: Acid Major Skater Mini Skirt

This skater mini skirt features exaggerated gathered pleats, with an exposed zip at the back in a bright sulpher green colour. It’s a textured skirt to give extra depth with a built in waistband that sits on the waist. It’s flared shape fits well into the Body Language collection at Dancing Dolls UK. It’s available in UK sizes 6-14/US sizes 2-10, and is available at £40/€50 here.

Verdict for Acid Major Skater Mini Skirt – 5/5*

This skirt is exactly what I expected it to be. Its colour is vibrant (and just perfect for summer); it sits comfortably on my waist and has a lovely texture to it. Considering this skirt is 100% handmade, I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality and care that has gone into making this product. Although I thought it would be a heavy skirt due to its durable materials, it is extremely light when on the body, and really compliments my curves. I will happily wear this to a girls night out next week. (Photos will be posted on my Instagram – have you followed yet?)

Body Language Spring/Summer 2014 collection

The full SS14 collection features sexy and feminine styles, from the stunning Parallel maxi skirt to the aforementioned sexy Body Contact bodysuit and the beautiful Candy midi dress. Later this week, I will give you Killer Fashion’s styling guide for my favourite pieces, but first take a look at this amazing Dancing Dolls UK collection!

Check out Dancing Dolls UK for beautifully handmade statement fashion.

*This product was sent to Killer Fashion free of charge in return for this review & post. My opinion is not altered.

Images courtesy of Dancing Dolls UK

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