Staple Pieces

When it comes to your wardrobe, I’m sure you have a lot of clothes you don’t wear, but don’t have the heart to throw out or give to charity. But spring cleaning (even in Summer), is the new big thing, and I’ve got the perfect wardrobe staples to ensure you’ll always be left with that little something that goes a long way. It’s always important to have at least one, if not all, of these fashionable pieces, because they really are timeless.

The Black Jeans

Black jeans are every girl’s best friend. No matter the occasion, the weather or the style, it’s important to have a great pair of fitting black jeans at the ready for anything. High-waisted jeans are great for a bit of tummy tucking, and also great for wearing with crop tops; flared jeans are fab with stiletto heels and work well on taller ladies; and the classic skinny jeans are perfect with anything from vests to blouses.

The Blazer

Owning a good blazer can work wonders on many an occasion, from work to causal drinks to formal events and parties! There’s such a variety of colours to choose from these days, though I recommend either classic back, a summery pastel or a bold vibrant colour. A blazer works really well with jeans & t-shirts, tapered pants & blouses, shell tops, dresses and pencil/midi skirts.

The Classic Heel

Wearing heels for everyday can be a burden on our feet, so ensure you’ve got a pair of super comfy heels that you can walk in. If like me, 5” heels are your norm, opt for something with full support around the foot and a well designed shoe overall. It’s very important to check the quality of the shoe (stitching, glue, materials, soles), because these are what can make or break your heels. Don’t be afraid to spend money on them either, as they say; “a lot can go a long way.” Choose either a black or nude pair as your staple high heel.

The Statement Necklace

Having not one but two statement necklaces is vital for every girl’s wardrobe. It’s what can make an outfit really pop, liven up your daily work look or add a bit of sparkle to a monochrome ensemble. I like to match my day’s jewellery together, i.e. all gold one day, all silver the next day; so when choosing your necklaces think about it this way: with what can I wear this with? You can go for a gold or silver necklace as the first, and a colourful for the second, or be super bold and just get three!

The Bold Lipstick

A bold lipstick can transform anything, be it an all-black ensemble, a bad hair day and even turning your frown upside down. My favourite is a red lipstick, but if you prefer, a hot pink or deep purple are great as go-to lipsticks. And if you’re really brave why not give an orange hued lippy a try? Your favourite bold lip colour really is a staple for your beauty drawer and handbag too, so it’s always good to have two.

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