Let’s Talk Blog Challenge #1 – Day In The Life

Firstly, hello to everyone taking part in Sarah of At The Beauty Desk’s “Let’s Talk Blog Challenge”! I’m excited to take part in yet another set of challenges, I thoroughly enjoyed the All The Buzz Blog Challenge, and this Let’s Talk Blog Challenge will be more personal, and will allow me to include more fashion pieces and also introduce you to the Killer Fashion lifestyle much more. Thanks to Sarah for creating such a fun-to-be challenge and I look forward to reading everyone else’s posts. Do comment down below, like and share my posts if you want, and don’t forget to tweet too! So without further ado, let’s start with Week One’s theme!

lets talk

Day In The Life

I’m working as a Content Manager for French company Pickture, though our office is based in Dublin. So every morning at 7am, I’m up and picking out my outfit for the day, which tends to be black jeans and a nice blouse, and depending on the weather; either my biker boots, wedges or studded loafers. Today I wore Bershka high-waisted jeans, Sparkle & Fade studded collar blouse, River Island ‘Love Love Love’ sweater and my Oasis ‘Lola’ biker boots. I’m also using my new Marc Jacobs ‘Eau So Fresh’ perfume and my Michael Kors wallet. Love these two, so summery. While working I always take my tea break at 11am, I’m not sure why at that exact time but it’s just routine now! And oh how I love tea, I have a massive cup in work that’s just for me. I even bought some cheeky Lindt Lindor balls to go with my tea, and new M&M’s ‘Birthday Cake’ flavour. Totally nomscious™, totally worth it. If you’re a follower on my Instagram (of which I’m an avid user!), you’ll see that I’m a huge food lover! I usually get home at 7pm from work, have dinner and after that I’m just knackered at this point in my day. Onto the couch, cuppa in hand, telly on and laptop open to work on my blog and catch up on my TV series. My favourite shows to watch Pretty Little Liars, Bones, Modern Family, Nashville, True Detective, Republic of Telly and America’s/Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model. Killer Fashion posts are usually written in the evenings and are scheduled for the morning after, though sometimes I manage to get two posts out in one day. I also play a lot with my kitten Munchie unless he’s decided to sit on my lap/bed while I’m working on the blog. And that’s pretty much a day in the life for this blogger!

15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Blog Challenge #1 – Day In The Life

  1. Aw wow you made me a little banner with my blog name and blog challenge (thanks so much..I feel so special) 😉 I love all your images and to put in your favourite shows and everything, I’m so happy you shared these things for my challenge. and your cats name is Munchie?! That is just too adorable 😉 Can’t wait to see what you do for week 2.


    • Aw you’re so welcome Sarah! Sure feel free to use it if ya like! 🙂 Yeah I thought the tv & music would really help show what I like and stuff. Aw yeah Munchie, he’s just the funniest! My Instagram is full of his antics 🙂 Looking forward to Week 2 myself! xx


    • Thanks, I thought to treat myself with Michael Kors for the BOP Awards! They are super delicious, very chocolatey. I got in my local Fresh supermarket, but try Super Valu, Centra and Spar xx


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