Festival Fever: Part I – Hippie Chic

This weekend marks the start of the big music festival season, because Coachella kicked off today! Last year the Killer Fashion Magazine had a 6-page spread on festival fashion, so this year I’ll do a couple of big articles to help you be the next festival queen. I’m taking inspiration from Vanessa Hudgens, Poppy Delevingne, Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie, so whether you’re heading to Coachella, the V Festival, Glastonbury or even Rock Am Ring, I’ve got your fashion covered!

Flowers for the Fairies

If you love to wear jewels and flowers in your hair, then I’ve got the perfect picks for you. ASOS have a fabulous selection of floral hair- and headpieces in bright colours both big and small. Rock N Rose, Johnny Loves Rosie and ASOS’ own brand all offer great choices. Jewelled headpieces are also big for this look, and there’s plenty at ASOS and River Island, Oasis and New Look too.

Keeping It Short

Shorts and crop tops are a big part of the festival look, so I’m here to help, and you won’t go wrong with these lovely pieces. Yayer have cute shorts, and Topshop offer a great variety of cropped tops, both t-shirt style and bodices. Head to Urban Outfitters for more fashion inspiration,

Cover Up Baby

When it comes to festivals, it’s always a smart move to bring an oversized shirt, a cover up kimono or a light jacket. Urban Outfitter‘s labels have some cute picks, as does H&M and River Island. Fringed kimonos are also big, as are graphic art and animal prints.

Footwear For Days

When it comes to your feet, be intelligent. Wear comfortable shoes for whichever festival’s ground, (sandals on mucky fields is a big no no!) So I’ve scoured the best sandals for the drier festivals, if you’re guaranteed sun and no muck then you can opt for open toes and barely-there picks. Office, Dune and River Island have really great sandals, with floral and jewel embellishment, perfect for the hippie chic look!

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